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Currency Question

Are we able to use canadian dollars in Varadero or do we have to change them to pesos when we arrive? If we do should we do this at the airport, hotel or at a bank? Also, generally for $1 canadian how many pesos do you get? I dont understand the currency exchange so plain english would be appreciated…lol

Use the local currency.
You can change your money at any of the three options you suggest.
It’s a good idea to change some at the airport. You never know when you need a beer or would like to tip someone.

Current rate of exchange is $1.38 Canadian = 1 Cuban CUC

I was reading there is a scam where they will give back Nacional Peso’s instead of CUC’s. Are there pictures of the two currencies side by side? are they relatively easy to tell apart?

Look for “pesos convertibles” on the bill under the denomination.



This is slightly out of date in places, but it gives a decent overview:


Have fun.