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what currency is generally used by tourists in Jamaica? U.S.D., Can.D. or Jam.D.? Where would you convert to Jamaican dollars if needed? home or in Jamaica? My wife and I are planning for Rooms on the beach in Ocho Rios, at our ages we don`t really need the beach but do require proximity to town and services. Planning for Jan. 2016. Comments would be appreciated.

We used USD when we were there a couple of years ago, was the easiest to get in Canada. Can get Jamaican $$ there but most places price in both currencies and USD were accepted wherever we went.


Went to Jamaica and used American currency. It is accepted everywhere. Try to take a fair amount of dollar bills, if you like, for tipping.

Avoid travellers cheques. They are hard to cash, even at banks. We spent an hour going to 3 banks to cash them and weren’t successful.

US cash is accepted everywhere (at least everywhere we went).

We brought a few US dollars and then used the ATM, which gave us Jamsican money.