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Current Cuba Weather Satellite

I came across this weather information while doing some reasearch for my trip to Cayo Coco on Saturday…


Darnit! Guess I’ll take a few decks of cards down and tip the bartender often!

Kidding aside, I found the site to be very informative.

Hope you do too.


Do you mean here?


YUCK! - Hope all is rained out by Monday morning

This probably Why

Oh crap! Here we go again!!!

[quote=@eeeefarm]Oh crap! Here we go again!!!

My thoughts exactly when I checked the Hurricane Centre website today.

Our daughter is presently vacationing at Breezes Jibacoa, so of course I’m a bit nervous. Lots of rain is in the forecast for the next couple of days.

eeeefarm, weren’t you planning a trip departing on Friday?- and didn’t you already have one trip cancelled due to Hurricane Ike? Talk about rotten luck!

Fingers crossed this tropical depression changes course.

[quote=@yvrck]eeeefarm, weren’t you planning a trip departing on Friday?- and didn’t you already have one trip cancelled due to Hurricane Ike?[/quote]Yes, and yes. Hoping this one changes course or dissipates. The forecast discussion leaves some room for hope…

:o You beat me too it, I was was just going to post Paloma’s course, glad to know others are watching too. Still haven’t booked, just waiting for hurricane season to end.

Damn, I’m supposed to leave for CSM tomorrow afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Well our flight posted to depart Sunday might be a very bumpy ride. There are a few non sanctioned words I would like to use right now!

If it keeps to the projected route - that means NO part of Cuba has been spared this season. Cayo Coco area along with Havana were (I believe) the only tourist not hit so far by a path of the previous named stormes

I just hope we take off tomorrow!

Hi all,

I am scheduled to fly out to Cayo Coco on Saturday afternoon, and am extremely reluctant, for lack of a better word. Has anyone else been in this situation? If so, what was your experience like? Not having been in this situation, I’d love to have some insight…

I did contact my travel rep, and basically, hurricane policies regarding your trip would not take effect until the current tropical storm is upgraded to a hurricane. Given the current track and speed of the storm that may not happen until Friday night or Saturday. Since that is very close to my flight time, the rep. told me that all you can do is show up at the airport and wait and see.

Not the most reassuring news, but nothing is ever certain where the weather is concerned. For all you future travellers, it looks like the immediate storm will clear Cuba by Monday. For myself I do hope I am given the option of rescheduling, as the weather for next week looks to be the tail end of the storm system.

For regular updates on the Paloma Storm, you may tune into:


Good luck current and future travellers!

Canucks. . . we are flying out of Toronto to Varadero on Sunday as well. I guess all we can do is wait and see!!!


Yup. Had the choice of continuing or cancelling/rescheduling my trip back in September (Ike). I bailed immediately, and will take that trip this December. I’m in the same boat as you on this one…heading for Holguin tomorrow. I expect we will get some crappy weather out of this, but I doubt it will be dangerous. It’s coming from the other side and should lose some steam when it hits land. Maybe we will luck out and it will break apart, as the forecast discussion suggests is one possibility. Fingers crossed for those travelling and for Cuba!