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Current Taxi Rates from PUJ Airport


With a taxi you only have to wait for everyone in your party and the luggage. You also guarantee that you won’t be making short stops at other hotels to drop off passengers. However, I’ve met the nicest people on those buses; some of them we are still in contact with years later.


Hi, I appreciate your moving my questions regarding the Amber to the right place. I still am not 100% adept at using the forum. Thanks again. Bobbob


I know Bob and I also don’t mind stopping at the other resorts - I sometimes get off the bus and look around the lobby while waiting for the luggage to be unloaded. And on the ride back to the Airport from the Resort you get to hear what others have to say about where they stayed. But think I might like to try the Taxi just once - just to see if it is worth it.


take the Taxi on your upcoming EdenH visit,
it’s close to the airport,
no waste to check it out.


Really thinking about doing this Mike! So was it you who was waiting for Tim’s Coffee? If I can fit it in I might just bring you down a tin or two for all the great advise you give on here! :wink:


Puntacanamike hates the Horton’s coffee, not sure about the fisherman, he luvs it.


Oh Ok thought I read a post about him waiting for PCMike to bring him back some from Canada.


It’s OK, they know each other. It will reach the right person.


bad you buddy,
it’s the opposite.
PC Mike is the Canadian and like’s Dominican coffee(which is not bad btw),
Tim’s is MINE, for the Fisherman, ha ha


I just wanted to chime in to make a brief comment on using Mike’s taxi service for our recent trip a couple of weeks ago( managed by Mike’s Marina Fishing Charters S.A.) under IBK servicios.


I was put in direct email contact with a gentleman from IBK a few days prior to our trip to make arrangments. Upon arrival at PUJ we walked outside after getting our luggage. We landed about 25 minutes early and the airport was ‘dead’ so we were way ahead of schedule…the driver (who will hold a sign -IBK) was not yet there…no worries …$4 for a Presidente and a few minute wait will be enjoyable!! A kind tour operator employee asked if he could help…he used his cell phone to call IBK (the number I provided him) and I was then speaking directly to the gentleman with whom I had shared emails with some days earlier. WOW, there is a voice on the other end of those emails afterall!! He told me the driver was enroute and sure enough about 7 minutes later there he was. Luggage, 2 adults and 2 kids and off we go the the Majestic…$ 45 just as quoted…it took 30 minutes and I paid cash…

For the return trip … I called my contact at IBK about 48 hours before we were to leave…all set. see ya at 10:45 AM in the lobby of the Majestic. About 10:15 that morning I placed another quick call …just to make sure and was told the driver might actually get there a bit early. The driver got to the front gate but was not yet allowed to proceed to the lobby without my room number. Another quick cell phone call was made to me ( I had my own cell phone that worked fine in the area) to instruct me to inform the front desk to call the front gate to let him in. Simple enough…Bags loaded and in the taxi for the return trip by 10:45 30 minute trip back to a near empty PUJ…again paid cash…

This is the way to go folks… Great Job to Mike and IBK Servicios!!



No tour operator this year, we are on our own. We will arrvive in Punta Cana on Feb. 6/09 at 11.25 AM. We need a taxi to Eden H/NH Real Arena. Should we contact the hotel and make arrangements to have a taxi waiting for us or are we OK by taking a taxi that is stationed at the airport. From other postings and rates, it seems that we are looking at $35.00 each way.
Any feedback would be greatly aprreciated.

17 Days 20 Hrs 13 Mins 21 Secs til EdenNH Real Arena


Contact bronly and pre arrange your transfer



Thank you very much Hlywud, I will contact him ASAP to make the arrangments. You and everyone else on this forum have been so very helpfull, thanks again to everyone


Hi Hlywud,
I contacted IBK Servicios. Wow, very quick reply. they also included some forms for me to fill out which includes a pre-payment from credit crd, which is fair and no problem. The forms also request my passport number and a photocopy of my passport as well as a photocopy of my credit card. which makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. Has anyone ever experience any problems with this. I don’t uderstand why they need photocopies but I also do not want to offend them by asking why??


Danielle and Shawn, I wouldn’t give that info out to anyone online, that seems a bit extreme.


NO NO NO, do not do this,

I have sent Bronly an email and told him passport photo copies is frowned on by our government, paying by credit card in advance or using pay pal is not a problem, but nobody needs photocopies of their documents sent to anyone.


Thank you both very much, my feelings exactly. Enough identity theft going around, don’t need to look for it.


Thank you both very much, my feelings exactly. Enough identity theft going around, don’t need to look for it.


and i talked to Bronly at his office today again about that sensible theme.
and it is solved.
his point is of course that he needs proof that the customer really authorized him to take money from a specific credit card/debit card aso. otherwise any customer could return home and tell his credit card company that he doesn’t know who that Bronly is.
he will get that proof now much more easy and without any documentation faxed or e-mailed.
he will take the balance from the credit card and upon arrival the customer(of course the card holder has to be within the arriving travel group, don’t use granny’s credit card, lol) can sign the transaction print and of course also get’s his copy of the deal.
o.k., while writing the above text he called me to let me know that he got now the implementation of the system on the computer authorized.
that would eliminate even the above described procedure.
the company want’s to set that up next week.
happy travel


Thank you again for the update. I hope I did not offend them when I replied that I would not provide a copy of my credit card and/or passport.
I have provided the cc number nad also reuqested more info on some of the daily tours they offer but have not received a reply??
Should I worry that I offended them??