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Current Taxi Rates from PUJ Airport


nobody feels offended about it.
you did the right thing and Bronly works on the solution, such has nothing to do with ‘offending’ or ‘feelings’ or such.
that’s what a travel bord is here for.

Danielle, if you PM me your full name and arrival date i will ask Bronly about the still missing info you requested for activities. he is at the moment at the office working on his e-mails, been talking to him on the phone this morning.


We just returned from Punta Cana yesterday and we used IBK for transport from the airport to the Catalonia…and then back to the airport. When I contacted Bronly via e-mail a couple weeks ago, he did not request any of the documents mentioned, nor any pre-payment. We did pay the return trip fee in advance when we were dropped off at the Catalonia and I admit I was a bit concerned about doing so. However, Bronly called our room about an hour before our departure to confirm our pick-up and the IDX van arrived to pick us up as promised. It ended up being very good service. I highly recommend IDK.


Hey Mike could you also suggest to Bronly that he hold a sign up with the guest name, as I had ordered one last year and our plane was a bit late and when we looked for our taxi IBK sign, no one was there, either they did not show or someone took our cab, we were paying cash, not credit but we did get a confirmation on email. Plus we arrived at around 10 pm and there were not any cabs at the airport at all, is this the case for late flights usually?



no, that’s not usual.
there are usually cabbies as long as there are planes arriving.



I sent Bronly and email regarding pick up on Feb. 25th on Sunday. I had not heard back from him and emailed again on Tuesday and still have not heard from him. Not sure if he is getting my emails.

Is there another way to contact him?

Thanks for your help.


send me your full name and hotelname and e-mail address on PM, so i will call him.
have fun


Alternate email address for IBK Servicio, just posting it here as I had a hard time finding it, due to the recent website troubles they were experiencing earlier this year. At least now that we have an alternate, people can use this one and stop worrying bout not geting a response from the site.



right Danielle,
and it is the principle e-mail address
happy travels


Taxis seem to be a bit expensive here. Its been a while since I’ve been (about two years). I hope they haven’t gone up too much!


since 2 years ago the transfer/cabby rates went up around 30%.
happy travels


[quote=@mikefisher]since 2 years ago the transfer/cabby rates went up around 30%.
happy travels

Just like the price of gas


and with the price of Gas every daily needed stuff goes up, and it went up a lot.
then the gas prices went back down, but our prices didn’t, many even went up more.
right now we are in case of Gas prices again near the record marks.
transportation is on tyhe island withinn the overall costs for an excursion etc the biggest cost factor.
on some excursions, specially when from the farer hotels in uvero alto, the transfer cost is for the outfitter more expensive than all other costs of the excursion together.


So what are the current rates for taxis? Going to the Riu. Gina


$40US for up to 5 passengers, give or take.



Shown rates are one way rates from the Punta Cana Airport for up to 5 persons including luggages.
night shift(9PM-6AM) adds $10.- per ride.
additional persons are $10.- per person.
waiting/extra hours are $10.- per hour.
transfer vehicles are available for up to 54 persons per vehicle.
extra services like drinks aso in the Van on request/extra charge.

Uvero Alto/Excellence/Dreams/Sirenas/Sivory US$ 70.00

Macao Rocoki US$ 65.00

Hotel Moon Palace US$ 55.00

Hotel Barcelo Punta Cana/Premium US$ 45.00

Hotel Grand Paradise / Majestic Colonial US$ 45.00

Hoteles Gran Bahía Principe US$ 40.00

Hoteles Riu US$ 40.00

Hoteles IberoStar US$ 40.00

Hotel LTI Punta Cana US$ 40.00

Hotel Ocean Blue US$ 40.00

Hotel Punta Cana Princess US$ 40.00

Hotel Caribe Club Princess US$ 40.00

Hotel Paradisus Punta Cana / Bávaro Princess US$ 40.00

Plaza Bávaro US$ 40.00

Hotel Occidental Flamenco Bávaro US$ 40.00

Hoteles Palladium US$ 40.00

Hotel Cayacoa / Cruce de Friusa US$ 40.00

Manatí Park US$ 35.00

Hotel Cortecito Inn / Capitán Cook US$ 35.00

Hotel Carabela US$ 35.00

Hotel Barcelo Dominican Beach / Cana Beach US$ 35.00

Hotel Tropical Clubs (Alisios) / Sueño US$ 35.00

Hotel Los Corales / Gran Caribe US$ 35.00

Hotel Edén Real Arena US$ 35.00

Hotel Meliá Caribe y/o Tropical / Palma Real US$ 35.00

Plaza Palma Real (Shopping Village) US$ 35.00

Villas Bávaro / Ifa Hotels US$ 35.00

Hoteles Barceló Beach Resort US$ 35.00

Cruce de la Metro US$ 30.00

Hotel Natura Park US$ 35.00

Hotel Sunscape Punta Cana / Oasis US$ 35.00

Hotel Catalonia US$ 35.00

Hospiten Bávaro US$ 30.00

Hotel Club Med / Los Corales Punta Cana US$ 20.00

Hotel Punta Cana Beach Resort / Marina P.C. US$ 20.00

Hotel Sueño Caribe US$ 30.00

Cap Cana US$ 30.00

Rates are one way for up to 5 persons.
Extra persons and waiting/extra hours are $10.- per Person/hr
Nightshift adds $10.- per ride.
for transfer requests please contact ibkservicios@gmail.com
with your full name, airline, arr/dep flight numbers, arr/dep sheduled times and number of persons in your party.
they automatically check your flight for delays aso.
have a pleasant stay on our Island


Thank you Mike and Gregg, Gina


I am traveling solo and meeting friends at a resort. What would be the cheapest option for transfer to my hotel(Bavaro Princess)? Thanks all for your help.


We just paid 35.00 via paypal for a one way transfer from PUY to Ocean Blue.

Hope this helps!

Happy Travels! ;D


Here are the taxi rates as of March/2010 from Punta Cana airport.

All prices are in USD. :wink:

Taxi Service is available 24 hours

Tel 809-552-0617 / 809-466-1133

Destination One Way

All prices are in USD.

Uvero Alto US $ 70.00

Macao 55.00

Hotel Moon Palace 55.00

Hotel Barcelo Premium Punta Cana 40.00

Hotel Gran Paradise/Majestic Colonial 40.00

Hotels Riu $38.00

Hotels Gran Bahia Principe $38.00

Hotels Iberostar $38.00

Hotels LTI Punta Cana $38.00

Hotel Ocean Blue $38.00

Hotel Bavaro Princes/Paradisus Punta Cana $35.00

Hotel Caribe Club Princess $35.00

Plaza Bavaro $35.00

Hotel Occidental Flamenco Bravor $35.00

Hotel Fiesta Palladium $35.00

Hotel Cayacoa $35.00

Cruce de Friusa $30.00

Manati Park $28.00

Hotel Cortecito Inn/Captain Cook $33.00

Hotel Carabela $33.00

Hotel Barcelo Domincan Beach/Cana Beach $33.00

Hotels Tropical Clubs (Alisios)/Sueno $33.00

Hotel Los corales/Gran Caribe $33.00

Hotel Real Arena $33.00

Hotel Melia Caribe y/o Tropical/Palma Real $30.00

Plaza Palma Real (Shopping Village) $30.00

Villas Bavara / Lfa $28.00

Hoteles Barcelo $28.00

Cruce del la Metro $25.00

Hotel Natural Park Resort/Sunscape Punta Cana $30.00

Hotel Dreams Palm Beach $30.00

Hotel Grand Oasis Punta Cana/Catalonia Bavaro $30.00

Hospiten Bavaro $20.00

Hotel Club Med/Los Corales Punta Cana $20.00

Hotel Puntacana Resort & Club/Marian P.C. $20.00

Hotel Sueno Caribe $20.00

Cap Cana $30.00

Long Distance Trips

Otra Banda $60.00

Higuey $70.00

El Seybo $120.00

Hato Mayor $150.00

Miches $160.00

Sabana de la Mar $200.00

Bayahibe (La Romana) $120.00

Bahia Principe (La Romana) $150.00

San Pedro de Macoris $150.00

Juan Dolio $165.00

Boca Chica $175.00

Aeropuerto Int’l Las Americas $175.00

Santo Domingo $200.00

Villa Altagracia $225.00

Bonao $240.00

La Vega $260.00

Moca $300.00

Jarabacoa $300.00

Constanza $300.00

Santiago $300.00

Puerto Plata - Aeropuerto $375.00

Cotui $250.00

San Farncisco de Maroris $275.00

Nagua $425.00

Sosua/Cabarete $425.00

Samana $450.00

Las Terrenas $450.00

San Cristobal $220.00

Bani $260.00

Azua $280.00

Barahona $450.00

Lago enriquillo $475.00

San Juan del la Maguana $450

Price is 1 to 4 persons.

Extra person is $5.00

Hope these help!
Happy Travels! ;D


Silly, what taxi company is that that you posted for?