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Current Weather in puerto plata

Hello to all

We have been at the Iberostar Costa Dorada since Wednesday
and that was the only day of sun

it has been rain rain rain rain…
does anyone see the light at the end of our tunnel


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, suefromns. I checked with several forecast sources, it’s rain until Tuesday and the next sun in Puerto Plata is Wednesday. If it’s any consolation to you, it’s raining here in Nova Scotia today…with a temp of 3. Then, it’s back to snow tomorrow. I’d much rather be in your kind of rain (and will be in a few days!)

Not very nice weather indeed. According to Accuweather - Looks like you may see the sun tomorrow. On Monday …Some sun with a couple of showers. Tuesday … Partly sunny with a shower in places. On Wednesday … Partly sunny, breezy and pleasant. Thursday …Sunny to partly cloudy and delightful.

I usually do not put a whole lot of faith into the weather reports I see for Puerto Plata. I think they have some guy with makeup and a tribal headdress out on the Samana peninsula giving his premonition.

However, I can confirm that the weather in the area is rather cool (cold by local standards) and it has been raining quite a bit. My Dominican family lets us know what is going on on a dailey basis.

hello again
i am still here in the rain and its wednesday 7 days of rain
any word on the rest of the week
the iberostar staff has been wonderful with keeping us all busy, happy and our thirst quenched.

suefromns, the forecast from both the Weather Network and Accuweather is calling for the sun to break through today (Wednesday) in Puerto Plata and continue sunny for the remainder of the week. Despite your poor weather, it’s great to observe your positive attitude. By the way, it’s still cold with lots of snow on the ground here at home. We’ll try and pick up some more sunshine and tag it along with us when we travel to the DR next week.

Hi Sue…my friend Heather is staying at same resort at you…she is from Stittsville. Hope the weather gets better for you guys. Are you still able to swim and have some sunshine??? Cathy in Kanata

We just came back from Puerto Plata and we had 3 sunny days and rain , rain , rain. Believe acuweather or wunderground they were so correct. In fact they really can’t take any more rain. Thier rivers are dirty the ocean was brown. Puddles everywhere :o

looks like it’s turning around. How it lasts a few weeks at least:-)

hello hello
yes we were fortunate and the sun came out yesterday afternoon and we woke to it this am
it is so nice to have it shine down on us