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Customs and Immigration in Cuba

If you are entering Customs in Cuba , you used to have to go through one at a time as opposed to as a couple Each person would go separately to the Immigration officer and then go through a door.I was concerned because one adult has slight

I am wondering if this is still the case ?

Still the case in Varadero as recently as last month.

The rule is one person at a time but Cuban Immigration are not heartless twits. Approach the booth with your friend and explain the situation in slow English and one of two things will happen: 1.) No big deal, or 2.) The official will force you back and deal with your pal one-on-one. Either way, don’t sweat it.

If there’s a problem you’ll quickly be brought in. If there no problem then your friend will be buzzed through the door and you’ll be together two minutes later.

I know it’s a delicate situation - especially if your friend becomes immediately confused or agitated - but honestly, I think this is one of those go-with-the-flow situations.

Don’t lose any sleep over this… relax…

My mother approaches first, tells the person in the booth that her husband has Alzheimers/Dementia then presents a pieces of paper that explains what she just said. The explanation is written in spanish and english. She has never had a problem so far.

When going through customs one at a time, what exactly do they do in terms of questions, etc. do they go through your luggage, never been before so curious.
Stephanie :slight_smile:


This thread should give you some insight. Its posted in the FAQ section


What about pacemakers, is there any problem not going through metal detectors ?

I`m going with my 16 year old and an18 year old. I plan on letting them go through customs first but will they be able to wait for me on the other side before they do the luggage checks or will they make them move along? First time to Cuba and a bit nervous about not being able to stay beside the kids…

To nsfamily, there is really nothing to worry regarding your teens going through Cuba customs ahead of you. When a person is called to go through they will ask for passport and papers then look you over , very few words are spoken. When the person is done he or she will then go through a door and will be able to wait until everyone else is through. I have been there a few times and it is usually slow but painless ordeal, enjoy Cuba, i can’t wait until our next trip.

Bob and Pat

Once the kids are through the Immigration door, they can wait for you before proceeding to the Customs Security check where your hand luggage will be x-rayed. Make sure you don’t have any partially eaten or open food like fruit in your hand luggage! After that, you will all go pick up your suitcases and will hopefully be on your way to the waiting buses. If Customs decides they want to inspect your suitcases before you proceed to the resort buses, you will be together.

My husband and I always wait for both of us to have cleared Immigration/Passport check. Neither of us has ever been asked to “move along” although either one of us have been delayed many times with lots of “extra” questions.

they can wait for you on the other side, you won’t be more than a minute behind them and there’s no problem with pacemakers

Thanks guys, that really puts my mind at ease! Ive been to the DR but not Cuba and the kids havent been outside of Canada, so weve all been a bit nervous...Ive decided that I`m not going to worry about the little things now, just gonna go and have a good time.