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Customs Regulations on shipping to the DR


I am buying a condo in Cabrete and need to ship some used household items to POP. Does anyone have information on who to contact regarding custom regulations, etc.?



You might also try posting that question on DR1.


You will get lots of info on DR1 but I caution you a bit, compared to Debbie’s, DR1 can be a bit harsh if the members feel you have not done your homework, at least a bit.

Suggest you search DR1 for your answer first and only query the board about the aspects you find unclear or confusing.

One thing to remember is that while there may be a law or regulation, it’s the day to day practices which you live by.



check with the search box on the recommended DR1 bord.
there are many laws and regulations to take care of.
if you are a resident you have the right to move your household import tax reduced if you do so within the first 2 years of your new residency.
check carefully what applies to be househeld stuff aso.
and check the complete costs for moving used stuff carefully,
it came out very often that the move of stuff been not worth the hassle and costs, sometimes purchasing some stuff new down here is the better deal.
search the DR1 bord with patience and ask any question there which you don’t find answered on the existing threads.
there’s also a listing of recommended and not recommended shipping/handling companies.
welcome to paradise


The customs regulation is subject to change depending on the type of cargo,. It s always great to follow up with the updated rules and regulation instead of taking a chnace:

When redaing that article you will have a better picture of the details.