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Hi everyone we are heading to CVJ on Jan 23 and was wondering if you can get coffee real early in Morning like say 5am. I am a real early riser and need a cup. Was also wondering if there is any plugs in the rooms to take our plugs or should we get a converter. We also don’t fly back until 10pm and was wondering if they make allowances for that or will we put out of our room real early. Thanks for any help. Love this forum it sure has a lot of good information. Anybody else going to be there at this time would like to have a coffee with you but doesn’t have to be early or a drink with hubby in the afternoon. Char :slight_smile:

Might be best to use the whole resort name as some people may not know which resort you are talking about. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just returned from Cameleon Villas Jibacoa on Saturday morning. We had an excellent time!

I don’t think you can get coffee as early as 5am…it’s still pretty dark out too. The lobby bar I believe opens 7 / 7:30 am (don’t quote me though), and you can get coffee from there. The buffet opens at 7:30am. Coffee is excellent.

There are two outlets in the washroom, 110 V and 220V, so an adapter is not necessary.

Check out is 12pm. You can ask for late check out, but there is a cost, and only available if they have the room. We too left late at night, but made some friends at the resort, and took showers in their room, as well as left our luggage there after checkout. Hope you’re as lucky as we were.

Have a great time. We’ re looking forward to booking our 4th visit to our “home” in Cuba.

There are 21 of us heading down to this resort on the 21st of Jan so feel free to join in. We won’t be awake at 5 though!

I also like my early coffee. I bring with me a small coffee maker (makes 4 cups) and enjoy that quiet cup first thing in the morning. Then at the end of our vacation, I give the maker to someone who works at the resort. They’re relatively cheap (about $10 on sale) or I have seen them at Value Village for around $4.00. Can’t go wrong. We’re booked for April 2, which seems like such a long, long time from now. Enjoy your vacation !!!

I did forget to comment about the late departure. This is the first resort, where complete strangers have offered to let us use their room to store our luggage & shower before we left !!! I can’t imagine a kinder act from fellow vacationers. The front desk did tell me last year, to ask the housekeeper if we could keep our room until later in the day and she agreed she would clean our room last - another kind thing. This resort is awesome and we’ve met some of the most wonderful people there !

I’ll second that x10 :slight_smile:

3 weeks today… CVJ here we come. I had thought booking our annual trip south this early in Jan. there would be way to much winter after we return home, but this year its looking like we may have hit it dead center in the middle winter.

Thanks all for the sugestions. We are only taking one suitcase and was hoping not to have to take a coffee maker. Really looking forward to getting away.

Yes we were there 2yrs ago and they put all the lugage in a room or you can do what we did and left with people that we met that were staying longer.15 more days can’t wait :smiley: