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Dancing for old folks


Hello fellow travelers
A group of 40 somethings are heading to Punta Cana soon, Riu resort. We like to dance, but we are not 20, not dressing up with our belly’s showing, not looking to start the evening at midnight, not afraid to buy a drink, not dancing to rap, not afraid to grab a cab to go somewhere…
Any helP? We can make a party ourselves but need some music. Last year at Riu in Jamaica, the disco opened too late for us, (too much sun, too much beer, too much dinner buffet, too early to bed!!)
Any suggestions?? Thanks a bunch


Honestly, almost every disco I have ever been to in PC opens from 11pm onwards. I think this will be the only issue for you, dont worry about “dress codes” etc! Hey, you are on vacation, so just go and try it out for a bit and you may be surprised, you can lounge on the beach all day. Have a great time. :slight_smile:


What the… Since when is “40 something” old? I opened this post expecting some geezer asking about Swing Bands.
Now that’s off my chest, here’s some tips. I was at the Riu Melao last month and didn’t see much dancing/ partying going on in any of the Rius. The Melao pool bar was quite quiet and the main bars at the Bambu and Taino had lots of people, but no disco action. Maybe it was just the time of year (week before Christmas), but the Rius seemed to be quite family oriented. Same for the Princess complex last year. If your group likes to have fun, grab a spot in one of the resort bars and boogie away; chances are, the second night there will be a few more…


Forty’s old??? Wud must feel awful :slight_smile:
Put your good stuff on and go have


FYI winter, did you venture out to the Pacha nightclub in the RIU complex? It is a very happening place, almost nightly, have been many times and I think it is a lot of fun for all guests who wish to dance the night away, hope you didnt miss it! Again though, it does only open after 11pm and usually gets busy after midnight. Hope you find what you are looking for! :slight_smile:


Since when is 40 something old?? My husband and I are in the pushing 50 bracket and are headed to the DR in 2 weeks with 12 of our friends. We are hoping also to dance the night away :slight_smile: (at least once :D)


Age is all relative, its just a # in my opinion! :wink:


Well you are all young kiddies to me. However drolquita is right the Pacha disco doesn’t open until around eleven but it sure comes alive after that. Of course I assume you know that you have to pay for your own drinks. One more very important thing, Disco is not dead ;D :sunglasses: