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Danger Walking Beach Near Grand Oasis Bavaro?

Ok, now I am REALLY getting worried. We are booked to go to Grand Oasis Bavaro at end of Dec. I just read a review in Tripadvisor from someone who just came back from GOB saying that walking beach towards Catalonia was ok but going north in the othe direction, some tourists had just been robbed and the man attacked!! Police had beach cordoned off and “apparently” this is a common occurance???

Is this what happens because the beach is not as developed as further north? We partly chose this location because not as developed. My husband and children (young adults…cute blonde daughter) love to walk the beach. Now do we forbid them? I did not read of this danger before. Did this happen in broad daylight??

I understand Mike Fisher lives in that area…any comments from him about this?

Please give me some information about this! Very very worried.

Mike Fisher lives south of the Grand Oasis, you have to pass the Club Nautico Marina before you get the Mike’s house.
To the North you have the Dreams Palm Beach (unopened) and the Natura Park, quite a long stretch of beach with resort security on the resort properties. Then there is a sign which says you are leaving the secure beach area of the Natura Club. I would estimate that the next stretch of beach to the point is about 1.25 miles then you actually swing left 90 degrees around a half mile into the bay area and then right another 1.5 miles to the Barcelo Resorts.
I have walked it twice, there is nothing there except one or two souvenir shacks and then a house in a coconut grove, never had a hassle or any problems. The last time I did this was on or about October 7th 2008, other than the vendors and tourists I never saw anyone else on this stretch of beach,

hopefully the fisherman will comment.

like WUD said,
i live right south on the stretch and we have at this moment our kiddies birthday party on that street.
walking further south towards the catalonia would be the abandoned empty beach area where you would be on your own.
like described in Wud’s post,
the other side towards the north is a nice long stretch passing the unopened dreams Palm Beach and the Natura Park Eco resort, and then you reach the signs which warn in 5 languages including english that you leave the area where security guards are present on your own respnsibility. the same signs are shown when you would try to enter that area from the other side leaving the barcelo beach resort towards Cabeza de Toro.
who said such is a ?apparently common occurance"???
rumors spreading.
yes, we have bad guys in our country.
common occurance??
No, but there are always people found who give a damn on stu caribbean made signs and know it better.
the above mentioned case happened a short while ago, the tourrepresentative of those folks is a buddy of mine. they even accused him to be his fault that they geot rid of watches aso.
heck, they left the area of the Barcelo Bavaro Brach Resort, passed that several square meters huge sign whiches languages with that warning includes their German language and they passed the security guard stationed right there at that spot who stopped them first and waved to the sign so they would understand him even that he does not speak german, they waaved him away and went on their way.
whatcha wanna me to comment on stupidity??
cheers from that beautiful quiet but very windy beach.
we’re on our tyical rough fall/winter weather/wind.

I really hate it when people check their common sense on the airplane, and then blame everyone else. They are lucky they only lost their watches and not thier life.

Those folks were staying at our hotel in September. We saw them leave around 9am and noticed them because they walked right by our chairs, we commented on how they had their sandals looped through their fanny packs and though that was a good idea for our future walks.

They returned about 4 or 5 hours later, they were in a panic and talking at full volume to the guard saying that just as they were walking passed the Barcelo heading towards Nature Park they were attached by 2 men. They had cut off their fanny packs and resort bracelets with knives and even stole the gentlemen’s watch and I believe he said their jewellery was taken also. There were unharmed yet quite shaken up (I would have been to).

Funny thing is the next day when I met Mike Fisher I told him the story and it ends up that his friend had told him about the incident also (small world).

Like we said the sign is large and in numerous languages saying “You are leaving the Barcelo complex - do it at your own risk”???

lilyv Don’t think it is a common occurance?? I’m certain with common sense and walking within the resort boundaries you and your family should be safe.

Fanny packs might be targets IMHO. Things like this happen walking on certain streets in Canada or the US.

We will be there in two days, on upcoming Mon, Nov, 24. I think, its no safe to walk alone with cameras, jewelry and so on in the dark time. Just be wise and not go along in evening.

By the way, I got a question to Mike: is it safe to take a taxi and go to Imagine alone for example at night?

before I rent a car in Punta Cana, I took a taxi alone to go somewhere at night - that is no problem

as I know, the Grand Oasis offer a disco-trip to Imagine
I don’t know the price for this trip, but for sure it’s much cheaper than taking a taxi for minimum 20 USdollar/oneway

We’ve walked North/west from the Natura about 1km, all kinds of people (vacationers) were walking back and forth, its beautiful, much like Wud described. My guess is this is really bad luck. But all the same stay within the resorts boundaries and you’ll be fine.

Have a great holiday.

Ok, thanks everyone for all your takes on this! Sorry if my questions upset everyone but I was rather upset to read about it! And you’re right, there are bad guys everywhere and also stupid people who disregard warnings.

I am abit worried that I chose the wrong area because my husband gets bored easily and cannot sit still and always has to walk walk walk! So I assumed that he would be able to just “go” on this beach for as long as he wants to! I did not read about the beach being “closed off” so to speak, because of the undeveloped and unprotected segments. Darn!

So how far can one walk from the Grand Oasis Bavaro (time or distance) to where the signs and security man is, heading north.
Heading south, how far can he walk past the Catalonia (again, distance please).

Thanks again.

It’s not closed off. You are just leaving the hotel property and they are warning you that hotel security ends at the property line. I’ve walked for miles and never had an issue.

edit: then again, I was walking a beach and had nothing with me worth stealing …

Ok , now it is getting close to christmas, robberies always increase big time, with the down turn in tourism remember reading about all the resort workers that just got layed off, it will be alot worse this year. Do not make yourself a target, don’t even bring your jewlery down, leave your camera on the resort, don’t carry large amounts of money, spread your money around on yourself, don’t take bankcards,credit cards with you, just put a couple hundred peso in your old wallet and these ladrones will be happy with that. You don’t even need to take id leave it locked up, take a card from the resort, don’t worry about no id, they know who you are.Most of these are just opportunists and some are desperate so don’t try to be a hero because it might be your luck that the one robbing you is a crackhead, so don’t push it. also don’t get all nervous, that will draw attention, always, always pay attention to what is going on around you, and most important, you don’t associate with a bunch of riff raff in your own country what makes you think you can in the dr, so don’t try and be everyones friend just go and enjoy yourself and nothing will probably happen to you. Sorry to be so blunt but i’ve been going to the dr for a long long time and i don’t mean for a week or two, it is anywhere from 3 to 5 months so I got a clue or two about what goes on. Anyway enough said just go and enjoy your well deserved vacation.

Boy, the "OldMillWright’"s comments just have me looking forward to this holiday with excitement and ease!
I can contol my actions but now I will be worrying my head off re my husband and children.

Yes, but everything he’s said is normal precautions that apply anywhere in the world, not just the DR. And you are highly unlikely to be wearing expensive jewelery (at least you shouldn’t be) or carrying lots of cash or credit cards while walking the beach. After all, where are you going to spend it? At most you might have some beer/pop money just in case you bump into a beach vendor or …

Don’t mean to scare you, I just want you to be aware, i’m sure nothing will happen to you. remember I’ve been walking on the same road for years where every year people are robbed, so if i’ve thought it that dangerous i never would have gone back.

Aware is good. A surprising number of people put their brains and their common sense “on the back burner” just because they’re on holiday.

I think my reaction to this is causing more problems than any real situation. but I will defiinitely caution all my family with all the advice given. thank you.

One last question on this matter…if my 21 year old blonde daughter is walking with her Dad or brother is she likely to have any problems?

If you walk along the beach during daylight hours, relax and enjoy…just don’t have any valuables on or with you…and No dad will protect her…I think you are overreacting to an isolated incident…I have walked along deserted stretches without security and have had no problems