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Dangerous Views


The mountain road between Sanchéz and Las Terrenas is appreciated by many for its spectacular views and scenery.
There are two view points from which one can see Samaná Bay and Los Haitises NP (to the South after the steep climb from Sanchéz) or the Atlantic and the Las Terrenas beaches (to the North at the end of the village ‘Los Puentes’).

Unfortunately, the first one has been the spot for several attacks and robberies on people who stopped there.

The latest incident occurred yesterday around noon when travellers were robbed at gun point and a second vehicle had its tyres flattened by bullets.

My worker from El Naranjito
(nearby village)



Wow that is bad news! Do many tourists know about this and do tour busses stop for the view?


I have seen minibusses stop there; obviously when the driver was asked to do so because of the nice view over the Bahia de Samaná.
I have never heard of any incident at the other view point (at the village end of Los Puentes).



seems to be always on the sanchez side…tour bus and large groups?


So please I must ask this question - if our tour bus stops there, I should stay inside? Or is it safe in a large group?


First it was random robberies and assaults and rental villa invasions. Now it is a strike by tour boat operators in samana/cayo laventado and this targetting, it would appear, of tourists who are looking for the views. With all the investment money having been spent to build new resorts and entice cruise ships, to increase tourism in Samana, I would think that the Government/Police would take swift action to reduce/eliminate these problems. Is anything positive being done?