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Is it safe to dating Dominican Girls?

Where do I watch or care?

There are so many stories


Oh this should be good! johan use your smarts.


There are so many stories
Believe most of them. ::slight_smile:


Believe the girls or the stories Bob? :slight_smile:


I’d have to go with the stories … ::slight_smile:


Be careful Johan, if after one date you are told that granny has broken her leg, the sister has appendicitis and the dog need to go to the vets, keep your wallet firmly closed and walk away. However if after a year or two of dating you meet granny and she has just broken her leg then the stoy may be real but sadly most (not all) love stories and with the girl and your wallet, you just happen to be holding the wallet. The same can be true with the fella’s as well. That said it is possible to have a good and long term relationship with Dominican people as some of our members will testify but there are possibly a lot more that have been disappointed. Just be aware of different values and costs of living and hang on to your cash etc!

Cheers Amandalou :-*

PS be aware if you pose this question on DR1 there will be a lot of comments regarding sankies, go there and read those threads to find out more details.


That is really well suggestion Amandalou liked your reply… :slight_smile:


And remember “If it ain’t love, wear a glove”… Unfortunately, most Dominicans believe we are all rich as most of the regular working class could never afford our type of vacation even if they saved for years…

We had a friends wife call us at home in Canada early one morning saying she had been robbed while at work at a lottery kiosk… needed $2,000 US to repay her boss but, please don’t tell my husband… Of course red flags went up right away with the last comment. We are not rich and do not have that kind of money laying around and told her there was no way we could send that amount of money. Checked with a Canadian friend who has lived and worked in the DR for over 8 years and she said it sounded fishy as the business would have had an insurance policy to cover those problems.

Approx. 5 months later we are in the DR on vacation and she acted like nothing had ever happened and that was over 4 years ago… To this day, she hasn’t said anything about the phone call or the money so, not sure what motive she had.


as Dot pointed out, the stories are getting better and better these days…also beware if they want to take you “home” to meeting the family as they are usually all in on the gig too.