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Day tours from Cayo Largo to Isla de


We will be vacationing in Cayo Largo this winter. While in Cayo Largo, we would love to fly to Isla de la Juventud on a day trip or overnight tour. On searching the net, we can’t find any reliable info on this and were wondering if anyone had done a trip like this or knew of anyone else that had done a trip or tour like this. Thanks for any info we can get.

Joe and Karen


End of March/1st week April past there was a tour of the Isla. First one in a while and haven’t heard of one since.
Check out Cayo Largo’s Facebook page:

Ask the question there too.


Hi Spunky, thanks for the info and Facebook link. We did quite a lot of research through e-mail and Facebook private messaging but haven’t got any answers as yet. We were just hoping somebody on Debbie’s would have had first-hand knowledge. We will post our query on some of the other forums as well and see what happens. Thanks again.

Joe and Karen.


That tour was partially arranged and greeted by Edduar Bernal, one of the Guest Relations managers at Playa Blanca. He is also on Facebook.