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Day travel or night travel?

Hello all, well we are fortunate enough to be leaving for the MCSM in just under 2 weeks, however all we could get was the night travel time slot.

It would have been nice to have daylight to enjoy that wonderful 1.5 hour bus ride (atleast you can admire the scenery).

No worries, gives us time to converse with the other travellers on the bus ride, while enjoying the oh so tasty liquid bliss that is eagerly awaited following the cozy confines of the fusilage!!

Personally, I prefer the day(early) flights, more so, because when the final day hits, it’s easier to just get up and leave, rather than wait around all day (mentally knowing your leaving) and then leaving.

As well, this usually involves the whole “room check out early unless you pay the late check out fee issue.” Is it me or is it hard to pyschologically enjoy your last day knowing your leaving that night??

Either way, it is what it is and we’d definitly never turn down a trip based on the depature times!

Your thoughts???

We’ve been fortunate on a couple of trips when Air Transat used to fly red eye flights out of Vancouver.
We would leave around 11pm get into Varadero around 8am so had the whole day our first day. The best part was that on both of those trips our return flight didn’t leave until around 6pm, so no dreaded getting up at O-dark hundred to be bused to the airport :stuck_out_tongue: So it’s like you got an extra half day thrown in ;D

Unfortunately Air Transat has gone back to early morning flights out of Vancouver :stuck_out_tongue: so arrival in Varadero is late afternoon, your first day is a write off ::slight_smile:

As you can guess I’m a fan of the evening/overnight flights :smiley:

:)Up until our trip last Spring to Cayo Santa Maria we had always flown out early in the morning and then left around noon from Cuba. That meant we had to be at the airport (Halifax or M’tl ) in the middle of the night. I would look at these packages flying out of Canada in the late afternoon/early evening and then returning in the evening from Cuba and think that this would be the ideal way to go. I found out last Spring that a schedule like this is very tiring. It was nice to be able to take our time getting to the airport for our flight out but it was around 2:30 AM when we got to the resort! We had missed the whole first day and finding your way around and getting settled in the middle of the night can be stressful, especially when you run into problems! On the final day we left the resort at 8:PM for our flight out at midnight. It was nice spending that last day with friends but juggling suitcases, moving out of your room by noon, getting in and out of our a la carte meal made the day a bit stressful. ::slight_smile: On the other hand we put in a very full last day! I didn’t sleep much on the flight and we arrived at H’fax at 5 AM and then faced a 4 hour drive home. For whatever reason I found this schedule really tiring and would now say that I definitely prefer Early departure from Canada and daytime departure from Cuba. Gambitt–you sound like you have the perfect schedule!

As someone else mentioned, when you have late flights you can also miss some great scenery to and from the airport. This was the case on the 1.5 hour bus trip to and from the Santa Clara airport as that trip with a good tour rep is like a free excursion!

We prefer the morning flights.
Flying out of T.O., that generally means getting to the airport around 4 a.m.
I like getting to the resort while the sun is still up.
I also dislike hanging around waiting to leave on the last day… if I gotta go, I want to get it over with. :-/

I like early morning flights…You get to the resort early enough to still enjoy most of the day. I don’t find the rturn timing as important…

As well, this usually involves the whole “room check out early unless you pay the late check out fee issue.” [/quote]If you are going to a Sol/Melia resort, by all means get a MAS card…late check out is then free! (check their web site for details) I personally love getting to a “new” resort in daylight. If I’ve been there before, an evening arrival is O. K. and prevents that sometimes hairy winter drive to the airport in the middle of the night. Getting back after midnight, OTOH, is not fun either. :smiley:

[/quote]If you are going to a Sol/Melia resort, by all means get a MAS card…late check out is then free! (check their web site for details) [/quote]

Yes, I will have to check into this MAS Card…Gambitt, have a great trip!! :sunglasses:

For some reason - we prefer the night flights. Gives us lots of time to get to the airport (4 hours away) and the entire last day at the resort …if we can’t get late check out we put our luggage in the locked room and carry on. Shower and change in the gym just before dinner and we’re all set to catch the bus to the airport. This year we are arriving back at 6:25 a.m. so will take a hotel room, sleep for 5 or six hours and make the treck home. I just really hate having to get up at 2:35 in the morning to be at that airport for 3:30 for a 6:30 a.m. flight …and even more I hate leaving the resort at 8:00 a.m.

I hate leaving to come home late, that last day being out of the room so early but not leaving until late in the day is brutal :frowning:

We fly out of Toronto at 4:40 pm and going home is 10:00 pm. I’ve read that the Barcelo in Cayo Largo won’t kick you out too early, so I’m counting on that… Besides, it’s only 10 minutes from the airport, so we could theoretically “miss” the bus and just take a cab… ;D

[quote=@delicateflower3663]I’ve read that the Barcelo in Cayo Largo won’t kick you out too early, so I’m counting on that… Besides, it’s only 10 minutes from the airport, so we could theoretically “miss” the bus and just take a cab… ;D[/quote]Barcelo’s check out time is 12 noon. You can keep your room until 4 p.m. for 30 CUC, until 6 P.M. for 50 CUC. Since I was travelling with friends on this trip, we opted to keep one room until 4 p.m. I think it was a good investment. We also took a cab to the airport, which got us a place closer to the front of the line up but they didn’t start processing people until after the bus arrived. In retrospect, I wouldn’t bother with the cab…unless you had pre-booked seats, in which case it might be useful to skip the bus and come later. :smiley:

Good to know! Thanks so much for the info.

Really like the late flights: A few of my thoughts

  • time to easily get to airport - hate getting up in the wee hours of the morning
  • room always ready and possibly flexable if the room needs to be changed to another location
  • when you wake up - you are in paradise
  • if you are delayed … which often happens … then you are not loosing a day - as you were traveling at night
  • more time on the last day to grab a few more rays and an extra walk on the beach
  • easier with getting doggie care set-up for day one

I prefer the mornings both ways …found it impossibe to get that out of Halifax this year…PM going down…Pm coming back…sucks but I m still game!! :slight_smile:

we leave at 5:20pm and arrive in Cuba at 8:40 which is great for me you get your room right away (early morning your room ussally not ready till later which i don’t like ) and still have time to have a few drinks and talk to my friends that work at the resort then go to bed and start you vacation early the next morning and have the whole day and when leaving we always get a late check out and we fly out at 10:05 pm so you have the whole day at the resort and i have no problem with paying for a late checkout its peanuts when you take what the 2 week trip cost then we land at 2:55 am hoop in the car and drive the 4 hour home no problem but i do sleep on the plane.

Halifax can you say hi to Lazaro & Randy at the pool bar and tell them i will see them April 30 from Tommy Boy

End of March we leave at 7, arriving 11a.m.
Trip back will be 23h55-arr 3:40 a.m.
First time night flight, do I bring my jammies? : ;D

Our flights with Air Transat are usually early morning (6-ish) so we usually have that first day, but leave on day 7, which in fact cuts off the last day…
HEYYYYY :o wait a minute… WE’VE BEEN ROBBED! :wink:

good point on PM arrival …but we don t arrive till 10:30…couple drinks and bedtime? prob be starvin too, hopefully there s snacks around!! Good point on the room being ready though…although layin on the beach and waitin…not so bad :)…I ll take it however it comes!!

i will eat well, going club class and all i need after that is beer, beer and more beer lol

I really envy those of you who can sleep on a plane, because I really can’t, and the very latest I want to land is midnight. I actually don’t mind very early flights, even if it means getting up at 3 or 4 in the morning, because I’m usually too wired to get much sleep the night before a trip!