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Day trip to Santo Domingo


My husband and I are LDS and will be travelling to Punta Cana in early August. We would love to take a day trip to see the LDS Temple in Santo Domingo. Can someone offer some advice? My inclination is to rent a car for the day or hire a driver for the day to get us back and forth. Is there a reliable public system that has a route as well? My husband is fluent in spanish and we have spent lots of time in Purto Rico and are familliar with less than stellar driving conditions. THANKS :-*


It’s a long drive. Roads are not well marked and traffic in Santo Domingo will be ‘challenging’ to say the least. You might want to refer to a similar on-going thread on a similar topic http://debsdrtravels.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=15770&page=1

edit: I just read on DR1 news that with the expected opening of the Coral Super Highway this August, Santo Domingo will be about two and a half hours away from Punta Cana hotels. That’s still going to be five hours driving BEFORE you do any touring / visiting.


Thanks Bob, I did read that thread before posting. Like I said, looking for advice. I am leaning towards hiring a driver, not drving ourselves based on that thread, but not sure about the best way to do this. If you have a tip on that, let me know. We are fairly commited to going and don’t mind exploring a differnt area.


You should be able to negotiate a fair price with one of the taxi drivers stationed at your hotel. Also you could try contacting puntacanamike or mikefisher. Both post on this forum and run first class operations.


Thank you so much! I will contact both of them! You are a gem!