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DCF Christmas Donation

Tis the season and this year my husband’s family are cutting back on their Christmas gift giving to each other. This, in turn, is quite a big saving for us. Sooooo in the Christmas spirit we thought we might find a way to spread this bit of cheer a little farther by making a donation to the DCF ;D

I thought at first I might just send a pm to find out just where and how to make a donation but I’m hoping this might inspire a few others to share in the spirit of the season too :slight_smile:

I know someone will provide me with the info and I invite you all to join me in wishing the DCF a Merry Christmas!

crestfield: You are leading the way in demonstrating that Maritime generosity. I’m often reminded of the spirit of Canadian Maritimers when I encounter Cubans: there’s an eerie similarity in the people. Unpretentious, determined, inventive, open, and charming.

Your Christmas donation can be sent as follows:

The Dubois Charitable Foundation
686681 Hwy #2
Princeton, Ontario
N0J 1V0

In Canada funds can be deposited directly to the Foundation’s account at :

Bank name: CIBC
Transit No: 04752
Account No: 6101712
Account name : Dubois Charitable Foundation


Hi crestfield,
The true spirit of Christmas shines through … as bright as the moon that shone on Halifax last night! There is a woman from Northern Alberta who has designed cards that she is giving to her family & friends in lieu of gifts, noting that she is making a donation in their name to the Dubois Charitable Foundation. I will ask her if she is OK with posting that info on this thread, for others who may be interested to do the same.
Best wishes of the season to the Dubois Family and their many elves who help gather supplies and load containers.

It is the FIRST time I’ve ever been mistaken for an elf!
Probably the last too.

Well shucks Irie :-[ :slight_smile: Thanks for the compliment, it was very nice, but unnecessary. Just wanted to share a little something this year.

Madruga, what a good idea about the cards. I’ve got a load of great shots from our trips to Havana and Santiago that would make great cards. Hmmm…and I thought I was all ready for Christmas ::slight_smile: And yes, the moon indeed was bright. Nothing like a cool mojito in the hot-tub to put one in the mood for a little Cuba dreaming!

Bigjohn, your heart is tooo big for a teeny little elf body anyway :-*