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DCF Container Pack


We are going to attempt a rare " winter pack " tomorrow at the warehouse .
Expecting some of the fluffy stuff tonight but hopefully the roads will be ok for the trip in the morning . :))
Need to talk John into building a loading dock !!


Be sure to bring the can heater.
AND park nose to the wind.
See you at 9.


so sorry …other than the driving… I will not be there.
good luck all and Happy holidays



Love to see the Baracoa connection. Thanks, Mad.


Thank you all for providing better life for Cuban people! Happiness is giving to others!


Sorry I missed this one. Well, not really sorry. I was on the beach in Cuba at the time!


Anyone have an update on this container?


Probably sitting at the port still in the new Cuban facilities !


Looks like the first pack of the year will be May 13th , be good to see everyone again . :))


Thanks Lenny.
See you on the 13th.


Sorry, I will be missing this one. I’ll be in Scotland on the 13th. :slight_smile:


Aye Lassie. Have a Bonnie wee trip.
Be sure to take the magical camera if you’re snorkeling in Loch Ness.


Another successful pack. we’re getting better at this. The support crew who prepares the bags, boxes and skids are to be given credit for making our job (easy) (easier).


I might go with easier, as there was a lot of labeling done ahead, but you
guys who load the container really work well together. Thanks for a job well


It is not rare anymore
Thankfully the roads were much better coming home than they were going to Woodstock. Only 2.5 hours to get home.
Happy New Year everyone!