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**** DCF Container Packing ****

Hola folks, seems we will be loading the third and most likely the last container this year for Cuba on Sat Oct 5th.

This container will go to Santiago Province to help hurricane victims and also the elderly ,sick ,disabled , orphans and social cases.

The loading will be at the usual spot 686681 # 2 Hwy Princeton ON

Apparently with such short notice we may be a few bodies short to help both on Fri to pre pack and prepare and also on Sat for the loading . If you can help on either day please contact John directly or send me a pm and I can help you get in touch.

Thanks and see some of you there !

Is anyone in Saturday’s crew from the Georgetown area? I have some largish boxes in Princetown I need to get to Georgetown.
They are cat traps that were ship in the container when it was slated for Mayabeque. Now that it is going to Santiago I need to find another way.
A group in Georgetown will hold them until I find a way. Likely by air if Transat comes through for us.
I can fit four in my Blazer and maybe two on the roof. That leaves me with two sitting on the side of the road. :-/

link to pictures


Wow - huge job for a smaller crew - way to go guys!!!..so sorry I could not have been there!

Thank you so much for the pictures!

Great pictures of a great crew! Rick, can you tell Marion I sent her a pm? Thanks!