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Debbie's Spring Contest ~ i Gracias!

[b]¡Muchas gracias, Everyone! The contest was fun!

Zee said I was supposed to get the CD ~ “Cafe Cuba” by Friday… and it just arrived! Can’t wait to crank up the heat, pour a cerveza and turn on the tunes ~ a great way to celebrate Spring! It’s been such a brutal winter this year, but fortunately Debbie’s Forums, along with the contest and all the camaraderie of everyone here made it much more bearable and entertaining!

I told Zee that I’m really liking how he’s running this board lately! That the Moderators are more in tune now, with what posters want to talk about… without the “heavy handedness” that was experienced in the past… especially when a thread goes a tad “off topic”… which happened with a number of threads this spring.

i Hasta la próxima amigos !

[/b] :smiley:

Congratulations!! Hope you enjoy the music. I agree that Zee and the moderators are doing a great job.

Congratulations Gardengal one more time on winning! I am glad that you received your CD on time and I hope you will enjoy music and 50 Cuban songs on the double CD! It is great to hear that you like forum and new moderators as they really do great job! Please stay tuned for the next contest on the Debbie’s travel forum as prize will be even better :wink:

Soon to come on the forum near you!

Tell me what you think of the tunes, Gardengal!

I really, really like the tone of this forum. It’s very friendly, even when it’s not! :wink:

It’s so nice to be back on this forum, without the fear of “attack” for posting something that is contrary to another person’s opinion of what is the “truth”.