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Debit cards

hello… we are off to the gpt in 2 weeks and although we are taking cash, we wondered if we would be able to obtain cash from the caceda’s using our debit cards?..anyone?..o’h and we will post a review of our time in cuba on here once we return…

interac and debit is not available in Cuba.
Cash (canadian is best) or canadian issued credit cards only.

Only visa or mastercard, and not handled by a US bank.

My UK debit card (visa) worked fine in Cuba.

I saw two people trying to use the ATM at Plaza Americas in Varadero. Both people had problems. The first guy got a reciept for the amount he requested, but no cash came out. The machine ate the second guy’s card. Being 3rd in line, I changed my mind about trying it myself.

If you run out of cash, you can get an advance off your credit card at the bank. But you’ll need your passport as identification. I went this route at the bank at Plaza Americas with no problems at all. And as mentioned above, this only works for credit cards issued by Canadian banks.

Mastercard through Canadian Credit Unions are now mostly under an Americam Company and are not valid in Cuba (even though through a Canadian Credit Union, go figure). Mine worked at GPT twoyears ago, but then the change to an American Company. You can also cash in travellers cheques at the resort (worked good for me). GPT is nice. The Island Paradise cruise was great.