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Decameron Beach Resort

When we stayed in LaRomana in October 2004 the resort was called the Decameron Beach Resort. Is this resort still operating under a different name or is it closed?

I stayed at the DeCameron Breach Resort and Casino but although I flew into La Romana, it was over an hour bus to this resort. It is located in Juan Dolio. There is another one called ArcDeCameron, which is different. The one I stayed at had just been reopened in Jan 2008 with a new owner and only half of the rooms where ready. It was a really great experience. The food was amazing and the staff all very helpful. I spoke with the owner the other day and he said they are closed for the summer to get more things fixed up. But they should be ready again for business this winter. Hope this helps.

Hi all,
I just received an email from DeCameron Beach Resort and Casino. I guess they are open again but do they ever need someone to work on their website. Anyway, am going down to Juan Dolio this weekend and will check it out and report back.

DeCameron Hotel and Beach resort is closed and up for sale. It does not appear on any packages for this winter.