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Decameron resort


Just returned home last week from the Decameron. We were 2 days delayed as our plane had a small accident , damaging a wing tip. For everyone that has been wondering about the al a cartes and seafood, you are now allowed to book 3 al a cartes at a time. You are only suppose to be able to book a total of 3 per week also. We were able to get 4 per week, by some chance. They do have a place called Catch of the Day were you could purchase lobster. We did not go ourselves as we went to La Fogata just down the road from lobby 3. Both buffets had different themes every night. They did not have the same themes in both on the same night.


We are off to the Decameron on Feb 26. I understand there is a two hour bus ride to the resort from the airport.
Do they sell beer on the bus or do they make a pit stop along the way? When we are on vacation in a hot climate we think it’s always best to keep hydrated with lots of beer.


When you first get on the bus at the airport they will hand you a beer. There is a pit stop halfway to the resort. they sell local beer for $1.00 per can. Good time to stock up. Just remember though, there is no bathroom on the bus !!!


I have seen pics of people holding unbelievable fish. I would be interested in going on a day trip to try this out but all I can seem to find online are 3 day fishing adventures.

Does anyone know if there are excursions to do a day trip and if so about how much $$$ and any recommendations of what tour to take.


Homer164: I got a copy of the Marina’s price list. When I unpack (just got back from the Decameron) I will see if there are prices of fishing excursions for a day and post it.


Looking forward to seeing what’s fishing trips are available. Thanx in advance for the info Debbie.


Homer164: I have posted the price list under it’s own thread. Bebbie


Thanx for the post Debbie. Do you happen to know what the difference between the 2 hour for $25 trip and the 5 hour for $150 trip is.
My math tells me one is quite a bit more expensive than the other. Of course if you can catch a big fish methinks it might just be worth it.


Sorry I don’t know. You could always ask at the Marina. There is a lady called Jane that works there who may be able to answer your questions. She speaks perfect english, born in the U.S, raised in Panama, returned to the U.S. for her schooling and now has returned to Panama.