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Deck of Cards


Will be going to the DR in a few months and am preparing packing list. Does anyone know if it is ok to take a deck of playing cards. I have heard it is illegal in some countries. Thanks for any info!


I personally have never heard of it being illegal to take cards with you. In all the years we have traveled to the DR we always take some playing cards for those rainy days ( very few of them) and have never had them taken away from us by customs or the resort. :sunglasses:


There won’t be any issues taking playing cards into the DR.


Thank you both for relieving my mind!


No problemo,

Last year people had Texas Holdem poker travel kits with them that included cards, poker chips and a dealer button at my resort.


I’ve brought cards and gave them to the locals when I left. They were very happy to get them.


Last year we took a Rummoli board with us complete with our nickels to play with. Thank God we didn’t have a drop of rain and didn’t need them.


It’s illegal to take playing cards in some countries? Wow. Hadn’t heard that before. Anyone know where and why?


Last year, my daughter brought her Tarot cards with us…
She set herself up in the lobby bar, after dinner, and delighted numerous co vacationers by reading their cards…and she got some decent tips, too.
Now if Tarot cards can be brought into the country…a deck of playing cards would be no problem at all…


I’ve brought cards also, and left them with the hotel staff when our vacation was over. They were very happy to receive them. (Actually they’re happy with anything given to them …very appreciative people) :slight_smile:


I heard that info several years ago about playing cards being illegal. Don’t remember where but think it was some place in the Middle East. Better to be safe than sorry and also I don’t want to break any laws unknown to me. I’m just ready for romance, sun and fun. And RUM!!!


For those of you that have forgotten your playing cards and have a casino at your resort, you might even ask at the casino if they’ll give you a used deck…we asked last time and the gave us a couple of decks…they did “tag” them though with a small hole punch in the corner…but that was no problem.


We’ve been to the DR 8 times and always took a deck oin our carry-on with a crib board. Never a problem!

Have a great trip!