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Delivery Varadero Golf Course

Anyone going to the Varadero Golf Course in the next few months??

I need a small package delivered to Richard in the bag shop. His girlfriend cuts crystal and needs permanent markers…I have lots to give him/her…

Let me know and I’ll mail the markers to you.

Hola Vicsparks

I will put a sticky on this for a few days in hopes of someone reading it that will bring the markers to Cuba for you. :wink:

Freedom Ryder 8-)…

I’m going to breezes bella costa. I leave sunday - if you send them to my work in mississauga I’ll deliver them to her.

Honda my good man/woman…

Send me a PM if you would be so kind. I don’t stand a chance of mailing markers to you by Sunday but I would gladly send you 10 dollars in the mail tomorrow morning. If your passing a Staples store or really any store you coould pick up 10 bucks worth of Sharpies…

I will mail a crisp 10 spot to you immediately and upon receipt of your name and address.

BTW try to get a suit as an upgrade if you can. Room 753 or even better 757 I think.

Have a blast on your vacation…We are trying to get to the DR in Jan so I can get in a few more rounds!

All the best

Vic Sparks
488 Lalonde St
Rockland Ontario

Honda, if you’re planning to visit the Varadero Golf Club, I wonder if I could send a letter down with you too (the head pro is an amigo of mine). I know it’s too late to send it to you via Canada Post, but if you have a printer and don’t mind printing a copy, maybe that could work. But I don’t want to trouble you. I’ll send a PM hoping you’ve got a notification set up.

By the way, Bella Costa is a nice place. Great location. You’ll have a good time.

Hola Honda

Thank You for offering to bring items to Cuba for forum members.

It always amazes me how generous members of Debbie’s forum are and how many posters here help one another.

Have a great vacation. :wink:

Freedom Ryder 8-)…

Hey Vicsparks

i saw your post and i have already picked up some markers for her. I am leaving on Sat and staying at Bella Costa. I also have a tee off time of 9:30 AM Monday at the golf course. So i will ask for Richard at the bag shop and give them to him.
Can’t wait to get on the plane and leave the cold behind!!!

;D :-*


freedom ryder -thanks

vicsparks -crystal will have enough markers to last her a year, just enough and then it will be time for you to deliver more to her personally.

barbudos - please send me the letter and i’ll print it off for you and get it delivered ASAP.

2 more sleeps. hey did I tell you I’m excited!

Thanks ever so much gang! Richard’s girlfriend will enjoy her job as a glass cutter so much more when she has the right tools! Thanks Honda, Freedom Ryder, Erie Angle. Please sit down and have a chat with Richard if you have a quiet moment in front of the bag shop… Absolutely brilliant fellow. Tell him Victor #2 is going on the road again to play in the Dominican in Jan for another golf trip sponsored by my wife! Love that woman!!!

Also say hi to Victor #1…it is a bit of an inside joke between Victor #2 and myself, Victor #2, Yorkis and Ernesto. I fed all four with refreshing beers from the Bella Costa which were always in my bar fridge going to waste as I don’t drink…

Erieangle…Have fun on the course…WATCH THE WIND ON #8!!!

Thanks to all again.


Just got back and Richard says hi. He was surprised to recieve the markers. Had a great time golfing… that 16th hole was a killer. Loved the 19th hole beside the ocean.