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Denied Entrance to Majestic Colonial


We just returned from PC yesterday. We stayed at the Ocean Blue Golf and Beach Resort and absolutely loved it. While in PC we decided to walk 1.5 hours down the beach to Majestic Colonial to check it out, as we are thinking of getting married in PC next year and wanted to see the Majestic Property. When we arrived we were told by the guards that we could not come on the property. We understood and asked if someone from the resort could give us a tour, as we were thinking of getting married there. We were told tours were not allowed and that we couldn’t go beyond the sidewalk in front of the beach. We were very disappointed as it was a long walk and were really excited to see the property. With this being said we probably won’t consider this property as we were allowed to look at other properties. Just an FYI to any of those who are looking to see the property.


I know it is to late now however if you had emailed the resort or even phoned them they would probably have made arrangement s for you to go and look the resort over. Many times when I find a property that I wish to look at I always email them well in advance and every time they send me back a note stating that I am more then welcome to come for a tour. However only once did they allow me to actually have food and some drinks there. Also the email that they sent me I copied it and took it with me just in case. :sunglasses:


That’s a little bizarre, IMO, especially if you said you were considering a wedding there? ???


There are two issues at play here as far as I can tell. Unless your Spanish is very good it is very possible, even likely, that the guard(s) had no real idea about what you were asking. Security guards are amongst the least educated and most poorly paid members of Dominican society.

Second, if you had pre-arranged with Sales or Guest Services and arrived at the front gate, expected by an individual, I am sure there would have been no problems. I have done this a dozen or more times at various DR resorts, and have never been refused.

Mi dos pesos.



Before we picked the Melia Caribe in Punta Cana, we checked out a lot of hotels in Punta Cana and Bayahibe. Most times we called or emailed ahead of time to pre-arrange a meeting especially because you want to make sure a wedding coordinator is available so that you can get the most information out of your tour. A few times we just walked in to a hotel to check it out without arranging ahead of time. However, we always went to the main lobby and spoke to someone in guest services or at the front desk. The security guards are there to prevent non-guests from “trespassing”. Fireguy’s right, they probably didn’t understand you, from their point of view, you aren’t a guest so you can’t come in. Maybe if you had tried to go in through the main entrance not off the beach you would have had a better result.


Although disappointing for you I’m sure not to get to see the resort, it is somewhat good to hear this happened. IE The security guards were doing their jobs stopping non-guests from entering the resort. I think if they just let people on I would be more concerned.

SO…for a wedding at the Majestic…at least you know it’s safer than other resorts!! :slight_smile:

Got married there a few weeks ago and they did a great job!! ;D


Hi All,

I do understand the safey issue and now realize that we should have called ahead of time. We did speak with another worker (animation staff) who spoke great English and explained our situation to him and asked him if he could get another staff member who is in charge of tours to give us a tour or at least talk to us, however he advised they could not do this. We also told him we weren’t looking to try the food or drinks, just wanted to see the resort and Gazebo area, again we were told no. Anyway, it was disappointing, but were very happy with the Ocean Blue and are highly considering that resort. It was beautiful, great service, and great food!