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Last night I broke one of my back teeth aaawwwwwww

So I had to go to the dentist this morning and being cheeky as I am I asked him if he had any extra tubes of toothpaste or tooth brushes for me to take on holiday.
Told him what it was for and he has given me about 20 small tubes of toothpaste. No brushes though

Who should I give this to at the Riu Mambo. I do intend to get toothbrushes from our local £1 shops as they do sell packs of them.

Also the £1 shop gave me some pencils when I asked about the brushes (they dont have any in stock but some are due in) Some plain pencils and some glittery ones

Again do I give them to the same person.


If you are going on the Outback Safari Tour, you can give them to the guide. The Outback group distributes items where they are needed in areas where tourists do not usually go.

Your tour rep at the hotel may have contacts with a charitable group who could make good use of the items.

If you are giving to a staff member, I would distribute among all the staff rather than to one individual.

You could call Martin Espinal of Isaira Tours 809-320 1433