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Departure tax for Canadians

Hey gang: this was brought up on TripAdvisor and thought maybe it would help to have it on Debbie’s too. Make sure that you know whether the departure tax is included in your price otherwise you will be required to pay $20.00 US before you can board the plane on the return home. We are travelling with SunWing out of Toronto on Tuesday and we are aware that this is something we have to pay on the way back, so check and make sure with your TA. TG

We’re flying with Sunwing in March (also on a Tues), so that’s good to know. I’ll ask our TA when we go in to sign the paperwork, just to confirm.

AFAIK, Sunwing is now the only carrier not including the departure tax in the package. Our January trip is via Sunwing and I fully expect to have to pay the $20US/person. For the other carriers, I’d keep the $20 aside, just in case … ::slight_smile:

The last time this topic was brought up I checked with our TA and here is her quote.

“Hi Chris
The departure taxes are still included in the taxes you paid, I think the invoice is not updated

I asked again today and now this is her replyl

Just spoke to Sunwing and there is a local departure tax paid locally of 20.00 usd per person.

Other tour operator’s pre collect it but not Sunwing

So keep the $20.00 tucked away.

We are going dec 19 through Air Transat flying Skyservice. We ARE required to pay the local departure tax when we leave the island. Wonder if we could stay if we don’t pay? hehe Our travel agent has written it is 25.00 US on our paperwork.

Keep the money handy just in case. Yes, you have to pay the tax. There’s no getting around it. But, you ‘should have’ already paid it as part of your fare. AFAIK, the only airline not precollecting it is Sunwing.

Don’t fuss about it while on vacation!
As has been posted before, put the money aside when you get there and forget about it!

I am also traveling with Transat Hoidays and flying Skyservice our departure tax is included in the price of our trip. Like BFC stated only Sunwing requires you to pay the departure tax upon leaving the Dominican Republic all others (fromCanada) are pre-paid…

To coincide with Hula, Transat Holidays does include the departure tax. We still kept $20 aside (thought it was too good to be true).