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Departure Tax gone?

someone told me there no longer is a $20 departure tax in punta cana, can anyone verify that?

There is still US $20 Departure Tax you must pay before leaving the Airport.
Some Tour Operators include this as part of your flight or holiday package, but most do not. Check with your Tour Operator/Travel Agent to see if the Departure Tax has been included in your package. Having the exact amount of US dollars will save you time and trouble.

Almost all Canadian tour operators now include this in their “taxes and fees” $308 or so pp.

I agree with rickfromto, only Sunwing does not include it. No tourist card, no departure tax, total: $30 per person.

It still exists. Just for information… i witnessed a couple of guys who did not have US currency pay way over the odds in |Pesos. They knew it, requested change but were told NO. They had no choice but to bite their tongues… or not board their flight.

Please remember to put the money aside in |US dollars if your tour operator does not already incorporate it into your package

We just got back, paid $20 each except for the 1yr old.

presidentejay, 2 questions please
Who were you flying with? Who was your tour operator?

It was Sunwing out of Montreal booked via selloffvacations.

We also paid $10 each (entry fee) for all of us including the 1 yr old, I have a feeling that wasn’t required for the 1 yr old looking back.

Same for us, from Ottawa. I’m sure Sunwing is the only one doing that, because everybody flying with other companies seem confused about this. :slight_smile:

They call it a departure tax for canadians? They call it a tourist fee for Americans and you pay it when you land at the Punta Cana airport.

Or? ours is included and you pay the tourist fee too? I never paid a departure fee. Unless you call overpaying for BurgerKing on the way out. LOL

Canadians pay a tourist card of $10US. It’s either already paid with your package or you pay it when you land, depending on the travel company.

Canadians also pay a departure tax of $20US. Same thing: it’s either paid with your package, or you pay it when you leave, depending on the travel company.

Hi Stacker,
We are from Canada. We have our departure tax included in our package. We are with Signature vacations. We receive our tourist card on the plane to fill out, but it is paid for with Signature.
We rang our TA just in case:)
Happy vacationing.


You will get your prepaid tourist card while boarding the plane, later they will give you an immigration form to fill out.
You will also fill out a similar form when you depart the DR and your departure tax is paid in advance by Signature.

Tourist cards have nothing to fill out!

sorry hlywud…got the name wrong…but yes…as I said previously…we have already paid this with signature.

When comparing prices, remember add $30 pp to Sunwing prices when comparing with other Canadian tour operators.

I’ve experienced 3 different treatments on this subject. 2005 I paid a $10 tourist card fee upon entering and $20 departure tax package was booked via Apple Vacations. 2007 to Puerta Plata paid $20 departure tax - package booked via SkyAuction.com - 2008 to LaRomana paid $10 tourist card fee upon entering - no departure tax - package through Skyaution.com. Planning 2009 trip to PC will budget $30pp - can’t go wrong!!

We booked with transat vacations and we did NOT have to pay departure tax leaving Punta Cana airport. It was not included in our package either.

We are from Canada but flew from Detroit. We only paid the $10 tourist fee when we arrived at the airport. We had a meeting with our tour operator (Prieto Tours) our second morning there. We were told that there is NO departure fee and if we were asked do not pay it…this money would not be going to Punta Cana but rather in the pockets of the person requesting it. There was no departure fee included in our package either.

Think what you want. AFAIK, the departure fee has always been included as part of the air ticket cost for US departures. For Canadian departures, almost all the charter outfits, with the exception of Sunwing, include it with your package. Rest assured, one way or another, you’re paying $20 to get out of the country. It may not be visible to you, but the fee is being paid.