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Departure tax

I apoligize if this is a redundant thread. We are heading to Varadero on Monday for our first trip to Cuba and I have seem a couple of references to a departure tax??? I beleive it is $25 cuc per person? I assume you would pay this at airport on departure. Do they accept Canadian currency or must it be in CUC and is it $25 cuc ?. I am just trying to plan on how much money to bring with us.

I THINK is has to be cuban CUC… And yes you pay at the airport… It is 25 cuc however… I am unsure if they accept canadian however as we always pay in cuc

You pay on departure and must be in CUC. Just put the money away on the first day with your tickets home.

A good tip is to put the money with your passport in your safe and leave it there for the duration of your trip!!! Then you know you will have it!

Do you guys exchange your money at the airport on arrival??? or is there someplace more convenient?

Depending on flight arrival time we change it at the airport but if its to late most resorts have a bank/front desk that does it!

Thanks you have been most helpful

anytime :slight_smile:

It’s, also, now inconvenient for most to exchange money at the airport as the money exchange booth is only in the departure area. There used to be one in arrivals but it’s not longer available. >:(

As others have mentioned, it is 25 CUC per person and the best idea is to put each departure tax in each passport, at the start of your vacation, and lock them away in the room safe. By the way, another good idea is to make copies of the passports to use, when needed, instead of carrying your real passport around with you and chance loosing or having it stolen. I haven’t had any problems using my passport copy when visiting banks/cadecas to exchange money or for using my Visa card. You should carry copies of all your important documents (passport, driver’s license, health/travel insurance, birth certificate or Canadian citizenship document) when you go on vacation…just in case.

you guys are soo cool and soo smart Thanks for all the help. Looking forward to our first trip to Cuba, and I am sure we will have a fabulous time with all the good advise that I have gotten

Steffeij nailed it.
Also, make photocopies of your passport to give to the hotel.
In order to speed up the registration process, they complete their paperwork during the quiet times and need the info from your passport for their records. They don’t need your passport.

i have never had to give my passport or a photocopy to the resort in Cuba

I just found $25 CUC in my wallet… Now I have to go back! LOL