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Departure tax

sorry if this has already been posted, I did try the search button but it kept removing the word tax as it was shorter than 4 characters ???

wanted to know if i still have to pay the dept tax of 20 US or is it included in my nolitour pkg?

The answer is here, we went over it a little while ago.


thanks, it isn’t exactly clear but what i belive I am reading is all tour operators except sunwing have included the tax? I just can’t remember when we went to Punta Cana with Signature Jan 07and Transat to Samana Dec o7 I don’t think we paid this, but I will put it aside “Just in case”.

I don’t know why the search kept removing the word Tax… I could have found this info had it not done that.

Nolitours is included, I just returned twice with Nolitours in October and it was included.