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Depature Tax increased?


My TA… Says the departure tax has increased from $20.00 USD to $25.00 USD. Is this the case? I could not locate this on another thread.

Thank you,


Hmmmmm…didn’t know. 3 weeks ago it was still 20


It was still $20US yesterday.


Thank you for the reply’s… hmmm interesting she was sure it had gone up. maybe this is for the new year. we shall see


There was something on DR1 a few weeks ago about a $5 increase. AFAIK, it’s still $20, but I plan on putting $25 aside per person just in case!


This sounds like the NEW $5US DR initiated tax on International Airline Tickets which is effective November 1, 2005 and is chargeable at $2.50US each way. It will be included in the airfare and is supposed to be temporary in nature - I’ll believe that when it’s gone - LOL. It was announced in mid-August by Tourism Minister Felix Jimenez.


Isn’t that funny, lol, a temporary tax, lol. Have you ever heard of such a thing. lol

I’ll believe it when I see it too Gregg.


Temp Tax: Cleveland Ohio did a Temp Tax also known as a SIN TAX to pay for new sports stadiums. They put extra taxes on alcohol and tobacco products.

I would put money on the DR version not being a Temp style. They could change the name to a Sin Tax though. All us tourists have been known to Sin down there.



I have heard of no departure tax increase, as people have been saying it was $20 US in the last couple of weeks but I found this doing a search


I read in the travel section of the Toronto Star a few weeks ago that as of Nov 1, 2005 the tax will increase to $25USD. also was informed a few days ago by TA of increase.