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Detailed Cuban Road Maps


Can anyone tell me the name of the best detailed Cuban road map and if I can purchase one in Canada?

I’m hoping to find a map that has the, often un-named, side roads, not just the main roadways and highways…


What you want is the Guia de Carreteras (Road Atlas) and as far as I know, you cannot get one in Canada. I bought mine at the airport in Varadero.

However, you might find Cuba-Junky’s maps to be useful:


Westwoman gave you the right information.
You can get a copy, if you are lucky, at one of the car rentals in Cuba. However, you might be disappointed in the detail. They do not keep up with their road maps, possibly due to hurricanes, etc.
You could advertise in your local paper or the web for a used copy.


If you want a first person account of the trype of roads you can expect, here are a few good reads about travels in Cuba by motorcycle:


Mi Moto Fidel by Christopher P. Baker

Good luck.

Found this map today looks good just click on click here to zoom

google maps is surprisingly good for Havana.

cubafan - that map passes my first test - it has the autopista correctly ending at Taguasco. Though oddly it had the nearby Jatibonico as Fatibonico ! The ability to view online is good.

Thanks all! I think it was the map book that westwoman mentioned that I was looking for. I saw it a few years ago at the airport but foolishly didn’t pick it up.

The links everyone provided were great though and I think they will serve my purpose until I can get the other map.

Have a great weekend!