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Diabetic Information


Will be staying at Alegro Playa Dorado in February and am insulin dependant. Any problem getting food and beverages with NO SUGAR?



I think this is something you need to inform the resort of before you go and ask what is available. I don’t know who to be available to speak to you at that resort but I would call and ask to speak to someone in customer service. They may be able to answer your questions or refer you to someone that can.


Thank you…I have tried looking for a spanish phrase that says “no sugar” or “sugar free” but I can’t find one? Do you know who may be able to help.

Thanks Again


You tell the hotel - “soy diabética y tengo que usar comida sin azucar. Quiero saber si yo pueda obtener aydua del hotel.”

If you need a fridge to store your insulin, “Necesito nevera para mi insulina.”


Also Lorraine—It’s a good idea to get a note from your doctor stating you are travelling with syringes and needles for medical reasons.

“sin azucar” means without sugar.