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what is the difference between Cancun and the Mayan riviera
has anyone been to solymar or hotetur beach

the difference is further from the airport, calmer waters, better snorkeling and lots of mega resorts more then tower hotel like buildings! most are villa style and 3 floors. The mayan is very laid back and not busy unlike cancun it’s a very busy big city. i know people that stayed at solymar and they said it was good. hotetur i also hear was a good 3 star property. both are about 3 star no more then 3.5 star.

Ditto. I’ve stayed in both locations and I prefer the Riveria by far… unless of course you are looking for a lot of action and a party place, then Cancun is the place to be.

Neither one of these hotels seem to be in cancun city 15 min from airport,is it a dangerous place to stay for 3 women 38-65
what is so special about the riviera
would like to do a fleamarket and maybe a tour of a small town near by also is the ruins toooo hard on a 65 yr old to take in thanks so much-been to cuba and porta Vallarta ,need lots of help for cancun any good sites you guys know of

Rivera- beautiful, and not as industrialized as Cancun. Great scenery and a better authentic Mexican feel. Less busy as Cancun

Cancun=busy, loaded with your every day Wal-mart, pizza hut etc, very much industrialized, high rise close together hotels, choppy water.


i would say what your asking for the riviera is more what you need and want. cancun is more party central, and unless you want loudness, party scene and a very active resort then i would opt for the mayan. There are more towns there to visit playa del carmen is perfect for doing shopping and seeing more flea markets. You are closer to any tour you want and will be more like your cuba experience. puerto vallarta is still quiet and calm compared to cancun!

I agree about Puerto Vallarta - my favorite beach side town in Mexico.

That said, the above comments about Cancun vs Riviera Maya are generally right, but not always. For example, last May we spent a week at the Club Med in Cancun, at the very far southern end of the hotel strip. It was in a very large park-like area, with 3 story buildings, different water areas (their swimming beach is vastly nicer than the Bahia Principe Tulum where we stayed before, their snorkeling area too, and they also had a sailing beach and waterskiing in the lagoon). Water colors there are unreal - a blue turquoise that seems touched up it is so perfect (like I saw years ago below the Tulum ruins). In sum, it is a Riviera maya style resort, but with the Cancun colors and just off the Cancun bus lines - 10 minutes from the airport and easy access to malls and clubs if that is what you are looking for (we were not). Tom

as for the ruins at Tulum being too much for a 65 year old…
depends on the 65 year old…
it is alot of walking…rough terrain at times…climbing…and very very hot…( limited shade)…
we saw people slip and fall while walking down stairs…and make sure you have a cold drink with you…