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Different maids

do you tip the maid everyday or end of stay? ive done it both, but i think its better to tip daily, because at times ive had the same maid all week, thinking at checkout ill give her all the money at once, only to see a new maid that ive never seen before.

We tip every day. That way it’s 100% guaranteed that the person performing the service gets the tip. :sunglasses:

Do you guys wait for the maid each day. I have left money for them on the table and they have not taken it. I only tip when I see them, which was maybe 3 times last trip. I am out of the room to early to see them usually.

I tip every day too.
The maids do not work every day.
I would feel terrible if I waited until the last day and she was not there.
I might have to leave and not even know that she was not even there.
I don’t know if they move around the resort but I have seen one come too early and a different one cleaned up in the afternoon.

One of my friends gave his maid $20 the first day and got great service.
He gave her another $20 at the end of the week for her kids.
The next time he came he did the same thing but he never saw the same maid after the first day.
He did see the maid from the previous trip and she gave him a big hug.

No, I don’t deliberately wait for them. But my wife is allergic to the sun and tends to spend a lot of time in the room. Usually her and the maid are on a first name basis by day 3.
The proper place to leave the tip is on the pillow of your unmade bed. Then there’s no doubt that it’s a tip. I have also left money on a table as a test. So far, it’s always been there when I returned to the room at night.

I usually see the maid around but I don’t want my room cleaned until I am heading out and about.
I usually leave the Do Not Disturb sign on the door until I am leaving.

I usually gather up my cups and bottles and put the tip under one of them so she knows it is for her.
Little extras I like to give personally, usually when she is in the hall or cleaning another room.

I November I had about 2100 Paso’s I left on the bed I had my luggage on, and I came back in the afternoon to wash up and it was all stacked neatly on my table. It was not a test, but my own foolishness but she did not take it.

I usually get small gift bags from the dollar store and fill with a few nice trinkets for the maid and put a couple bucks in it. I leave one each day on the pillow with a note on it for her saying it was a gift for her. I try to find out her name, if I know who it is ,and personalize it if I can. I find they appreciate the effort as much as the cash . ( almost).
A few years ago we had the kids with us and had them leave it for her with a note. They got to know her and found out about her and her family. I think she appreciated it and it was good for the kids to realize what it was like for her. They were much neater each day and tried not to leave a mess.

I leave a few $ every day with a note for the maid. I saw this somewhere on these forums.

Thanks for your hard work: Gracias por su trabajo duro

We always leave our tip and gift for the maid on a daily basis… we leave it with a note stating it is for her and also put it by the coffee pot or empty water bottles so she will know we need more coffee or water…

Yes by all means tip her every day, i’ll never forget an experience i had in Cuba, I was planning on tipping the maid at the end of our trip, the last day we were there we had to return home emergency flight as we went back to the room a new maid was cleaning in it, they had got together and had decided that as seeing i never tipped we must be unhappy with her so two of them switch, when I came back I asked for her and gave her 10 us dollars, she actually jumped in the air and did a complete turn, so from then on i tip every day to make sure to show we appreciate their work… :slight_smile:

I don’t know how many hrs a day the maids work but I have seen animation team members there at 9:00am and still there at 1:00am at the discoteck. They may not have to be there that late but I am sure there is great sales in red bull in the DR ehh. When I was at hamaca in 05 I gave a plate of fruit and eggs a few mornings to the water sport guy, and my last day I got a free banana boat ride for about 5 minutes. Some of the staff don’t get to eat the food at the resort, which is not fair IMHO because some times you can see and smell food all day long. Its must be torture for some of the staff. I do see the front desk and time share staff eating in the buffets though but not the animation and bartenders. >:(

One of my must pack items is a roll of food bags, most days at breakfast I make up an extra sandwich or pick up a couple of cakes, these then are given to my friends in the staff. I have never had this food refused and I do it discretely as the staff can get into trouble if they are seen eating it.

The animation guys normally work for six days a week, 9am to 12.30ish, 3pm to 5.30/6ish then 8.30 to midnight and beyond. They don’t all work every night, maybe only three or four nights a week. This of course varies from hotel to hotel and depends what the animation role involves, in some hotels where they put on a full show every night they may have to work six nights every week.

Cheers Amandalou :-*

The resort management really dislikes >:( guests collecting food/drink to give to staff,towel boys,gardeners etc. and especially frown :frowning: on taking it off the resort for beach vendors

ps. i have seen guests scolded for doing this.

not that giving food etc isn’t a kind jesture but…

I know the management would be upset about it, but the water sport guy at hamaca made no more then $25 a day when I was there for 2 weeks. He started doing the job when he was 15 years old. In November I snuck the gardener a cup of beer once in a while. I think he liked that as much as if I gave him a $5 because if he would have bought a drink in the resort store, it is about $5 for one ehh. Unless there is an employee discount, but not likely. >:(

We had two different maids…both named MARIA. Talk abou confusing. Our main one we called Maria with 3 babies.

What currency do you tip the maids with. DR Pecos or American $$??

Either is fine.


Tip the maids every day and leave it on your pillow. If you leave it anywhere else they won’t touch it. As for the animation team, I’m sure they get presents and other things way more than the maids and gardeners do. I’m sure that staff are provided at least one meal during their shift. Most of them do not eat in the buffet but in another area reserved for staff. Giving them food might cost them their job…don’t do it! You can give them food that you bring - ie choc bars or granola bars etc. but if they are caught eating resort food they can be fired on the spot. I’ve snuck a drink to the night guard when no one was around and it was appreciated. Usually I save my canned drinks/beer, toiletries supplied by the hotel and put them in a plastic bag and leave it for the bus driver or the baggage handler who rides the bus on our way back to the airport. I really don’t think someone would use their tips to buy a drink at the resort. Their tips are most likely used to buy groceries or things for the household. They pay much less at their corner stores…I have yet to see a staff member buy something at the tienda or bar…every penny they make is spent at home.

We always tip the maids daily-under a bedpillow with a note!“Para usted—Muchas Gracias!” Under the bed pillow, because one time we know the beverage re-stocking guy took the maids’ tip. We also leave a tip in the refrigerator in the room for the re-stocking guy with a note what we want. At some resort $3.00 US got us a new bottle of rum every day! One time $5.00 US with a note “Mas cervezas-por favor!” got us a refrigerator full + on top stacked with more beer. Don’t forget a buck or 2 to the person that serves you in the restaurant in the morning–that guy or gal that brings your coffee at 8 AM will be there that night at 8 PM too. A little kindness comes back to you in many ways!