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Different prices through different Airline?


I want to book a honeymoon trip for us that we couldn’t take in september due to work, and I started looking at few resorts.

However I notice that the prices can be quite different on the same day for same vacation depending who you fly with.
So far I seen CanJet, Sunwing, AirCanada, Westjet and Cubana de Aviacion.
Why are there such big differences in price between these for exactly the same vacation ?

Should I consider one over the other ? Or is this just simply a sticker on a plane that takes me for my vacation and nothing more.


There are some factors to consider on vacations and flights. The one I usually watch out for is the actual departure and arrival times. Some cheaper flights have you leaving late in the evening and arriving at your destination after midnight. Also, when leaving your destination, it is an early flight and you leave very early in the morning. You may have saved a few dollars but you just wasted two days of your holidays already, not including the red eye tiredness.


Congratulations sumik, when and where are you looking?

The big difference in the past couple of days is the early incentives are done for now.
Sunwing just ended their $100 tax reduction and Air Canada just finished with their $400 early bird bonus. Usually these are artificial incentives to get early bookings and may or may not come back, but … In the last 5 years, the prices have dropped, starting just after Christmas.
Remember, 2 week vacations run out earlier so if it’s important for you to go to a special spot, book when you see a price you can live with and stop pricing… … (Yeah … Right, Eh?) LOL


We’re going for a week either Jan 6th, Jan 20th or Jan 27th.
Thought we’ll give Ocean El Patriarca a try since the pricing is great and from what I read reviews seem to be good for people that are resonable with their expectations :slight_smile:

We’ve been to Arenas Blancas last time, so this should be a little more high end for us compared to Arenas :slight_smile:

Can’t decide what would be better times for flight for us.

Departure 7am Arrival 10:30am coming back Departure 11:30am Arrival 3pm
Departure 10am Arrival 1:30pm coming back Departure 2:30pm Arrival 6pm


To answer your question on airlines, prices are usually higher for the regular airlines such as Air Canada & Westjet. If you have a plane problem, they have extra aircraft that can be diverted to help out. Some (like me) would argue that both of those should be safer to fly than the charters but money talks and I usually fly the charters.

Lots of people here like Transat but I personally find one charter is equal to another. Sometimes you will find a flight crew who are snarkey but not often. Remember the flight crew work super long, difficult hours. One big difference for some is your baggage allowance, which will vary per airline. If you read TA, most complaints seem to be about Sunwing.

After many trips south, I personally prefer a late departure, sometimes getting into my room after midnight. That allows me to get a dozen drinks, some eats, then sleep my travel stress away and start the next day fresh. You then get most of a day at the resort at the end, prior to departure. Big advantage for me is not having to arrive at the airport at 4:00 am for a 7:00 am flight. I hate that. My whole day is ruined, but I’m lazy and a late riser.


As said above, the regular airlines are always more expensive but should be more dependable and they usually have better flight times. We usually end up with a charter because of the cost. Luggage allowances aren’t a concern for us. Most smaller cities don’t have much of a choice but you are probably flying out of TO so you should have lots of selection.
When looking at flights be sure to watch for non-stop flights. Sunwing, for example, has a habit of offering a non-stop flight that get changed at the last minute and adds a stop in another area of Cuba which can add an extra 90 mins. or more to a flight.


Do prices usually drop or go up the closer you get to the departure date ?
Looking at Jan 6th or 20th it’s either
$1000 per person but you leave at 7am from Tor and 10am from Var
$1250 per person and you leave 10am from Tor and 2:30pm from Tor


It’s a crapshoot whether or not prices will drop before departure. There are sometimes good bargains to be had 2 to 3 weeks before departure but the prices may also keep rising right up to departure and, of course, there’s a chance that the resort or flight will sell out.
Prices tend to drop in mid January but that won’t help you. Based on the info you’ve provided I’d book soon for $1000/per.


It depends. Sometimes prices will be stable and sometimes prices go up and down a few times per day. For your dates, Villas Jibacoa was available for $447. (all in) a few weeks ago and now it’s $589. Prices change based on how the seats on the plane are filling up -that simple. The plane is the controlling factor in most cases.

If we have warm weather in Toronto, less people buy, prices go down. More snow, prices go up. BUT … big but, if too few people buy, then they consolidate planes, so your Veradero flight may stop at Cayo Coco, etc. If that happens, there are now fewer seats so prices will not drop. You also are inconvenienced with an extra stop.

Does it sound like the stock market? - yup! Supply and demand. Hotels, resorts, etc. all do the same thing. My daughter used to be in charge of the front desk at a hotel. If they thought they would be full, they charged ‘rack rate’ (full price). It’s illegal to charge more but they would if they could. If they are empty, they’ll drop the price to bargoons - 75% off.

Last year, I watched multiple resorts 3 times per day and saw a steal come up mid-morning. I pulled the trigger and booked 6 people at a 4 1/2 star @ $600. As I was on the phone, the price went up over $200. I got the lower rate but it continued to rise to well over $900. It did not go down. Regular prices are over a thou for that resort. Sometimes, you can get a bargain one or two days prior but these are getting more rare.

To answer your question, my advice (and most on here would agree) if you have a set resort and dates that are not flexible, book as early as possible. If you can move your dates and/or willing to try other comparable resorts, then keep your eye on prices for one month prior and book when you feel most comfortable. Once booked, do not look again. 50/50 odds you’ll get upset.

The real tried and true gamblers who want the ‘best bang for the buck’ book in the last 7 days but are willing to go somewhere new and willing to stay home if the prices are too high.

BTW, if I could save $500. for 2 people by flying out 3 hours early, I’d go early. Geez, that $133. per hour tax free savings and you still have a question??? Of course, if you are that wealthy, why not try Cayman Islands, much nicer than Cuba. ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:


We’ve travelled with different Carriers as we like an early morning flight. We go to Toronto the evening before, get at least 4 hours sleep, the car stays, wake-up call, continental breakfast and the shuttle to the Airport all for $115.00 (+ a tip or 2) . No worries about getting to the Airport on time due to weather etc. Price is usually more at our time of morning but for us it’s worth it as we’re checked in, have lunch and are laying around the pool by 1:30 in the afternoon. Just our preference.

Most times you’ve got to be lucky to get a 24 hour drop in price. Got a good one once but missed out a couple times even though the web site showed the lower rate.

No guarantees re delays, direct flights, etc. Last year we got really messed up with Sunquest (our 1st and last with them). Departure changed more than 2 hours later and instead of direct flight home, went to Holguin before coming back to TO. Sat on the tarmac at Juan Gomez for over 1/2 hour as the pilot didn’t have a flight plan !! Sunquest?/Thomas Cook?/Jazz?? Too confusing.

I believe the only one that’s consistent, although they are a little pricier is West Jet but it’s probably worth the extra cost. I’ve used them consistently within Canada many times and the Attendants are ALWAYS friendly and they are ALWAYS on time. May have to bite the bullet and leave later with them. As has been said above - it’s generally a crap shoot with any of them re everything staying the same as when booked.


We are travellers who book early to get exactly what we want. We go to the same resort, same time, each year and, to date, the price of our particular package has never gone down. I do know that last minute deals for other room categories can sometimes be had. My SIL and hubby got a last minute deal and joined us for our 2nd week, this past Feb. She called the day before we were leaving to say that she’d found a deal with Air Canada Vacations but only poolview was being offered. The plane had some empty seats to fill and ACV had an unsold room at the resort.
As for the price of our package, West Jet has been consistently much higher than Air Canada Vacations (out of the west). Currently, our equivalent package would cost us $1877 more with West Jet and $1177 more with ACV. We are booked with ACV and, at those price increases, I’m glad we booked early.
Sunwing, by the way, has been consistently lower but don’t offer what we want and are the only airline flying direct Vancouver-Varadero this winter. Bummer!


One other thing to watch for is the taxes!

Even with the same company to the same resort it can vary, especially with Sunwing. With Sunwing the taxes might be $189 but $289 with Signature(which is still with Sunwing) So the base price is only part of the equation that you need to look for!

I wouldn’t worry that much about the actually carrier. While some maybe better than others, ultimately for me its getting the resort that I want, at the time I want, for the best price.

Don’t get to caught up with which carrier to fly with…which I believe was the OP’s original question! :slight_smile:


And which website do you guys book through ?
There’s too many :slight_smile:
I’m looking at tripcentral.ca right now.


They are all pretty much the same price but some have extra features like price drop guarantees an prize giveaways.