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Difficult decision


Dear Debbie’s members. This is what I posted on our directors forum, and feel the time is right to announce it.

Dear fellow director’s and friends, I feel that this is the right time for me step down as a director of our wonderful foundation. It has been a long and difficult decision, but my mind is made up. Usually by this time of year I am starting to plan our next trip to the D.R., and am madly trying to obtain donations for the Fiesta. This year it’s just not there, I just do not have the energy and excitement, I even found myself saying to Nenita that maybe we should give the D.R. a rest for a while and budget permitting visit other destinations.

I also have to give my window and door business more attention, the owner has made supplier and company policy decisions that I do not agree with, so I will have to work harder to even maintain last years level and hopefully increase it. I also have an opportunity for increased hours at Honda. Along with this I have a few medical issues that will remain with Nenita and I, no not my knees anymore they are fine. I also feel that the time is right for new blood at the directors level, and we have done well in that regard adding Bryan and John. I know they will add allot to the foundation.

We will continue to support the foundation in any way possible, attending fiesta’s, and gathering donations. If we do not vacation to the D.R. on any given year I will contact you as to who I can meet up with and they can take them on their trip, weight permitting.

I hope you all understand my decision, and want you to know that I have truly enjoyed every minute working with you all over the last 7-8 years, and will continue to in a lesser role.

Regards, Chris.


You will be sincerely missed for the massive amount of work that you did for Beyond the Beach Children’s Foundation…

Looking forward to seeing you again at “Fiesta 2012”.


You certainly will be missed, I cant echo my sentiments on what you have done for our foundation.


Words cannot convey how much you will be missed my friend, and all the hard work you put into helping the kids.


You will be missed as a director Chris but I’m happy to know you will become a committee member. Your hard work is appreciated by everyone, especially the kids.

See you at the fiesta!


Chris - as I’ve said, you will truly be missed in your capacity of Director but, we are so glad you will stay on the Committee. We will be talking to you and, especially when we travel - we will see if you have anything to send…

Thank you so much for your years of dedication and continued help with Beyond the Beach Children’s Foundation.

Olive Thompson, President
Beyond the Beach Children’s Foundation


Well Chris, I’m sure you will be missed at the directors table, but we will welcome you to the committee members party!

Also, I guess the worst kept secret is out, congrats to Bryan and John!
Great additions for sure.

Cheers to all


Thank you for the kind words, and am looking forward seeing most of you at the fiesta.



I echo everyone’s sentiments here.

You have done a phenomenal job with the BTB foundation…
You will surely be missed by all.

Glad you will make it to the Fiesta!! See you there ;D



You have been a tireless worker and a great asset to this wonderful organization.

I certainly wish you the very best in your future ventures - you are a very kind individual who has always wears a smile & makes everyone feel so welcome - and believe me, that is truly appreciated - and most importantly, the children of the Dominican Republic have benefited greatly from these assets you possess - We are all proud to call you our “friend”.