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Digital Camera's

I finally broke down after months of deliberating, and purchased the camera that I have been looking at since spring.

I bought the Cannon Powershot SD 990 IS. I splurged a little and purchased the special addition red model.

I get it tomorrow so I have it for vacation, and for Christmas. If it works well and I like it, I am going to purchase the underwater compartment for it.

Deputy ;D

Excellent camera Deputy, I looked at that pne hard too. It was the one I wanted but our local Futureshop only carried the “890” and nothing gooder, so here I sit wiht my “little camera”… :D.
They really are great cameras and you will love the crisp clear pics…and the steady feature comes in real handy too ;).
Now I’ll have to see if the same underwater case fits both cameras “Buddy” ::slight_smile: ;).

Jake, eh

Deputy, you cannot go wrong with a Canon Powershot…I’m on my second one and have not a single complaint whatsoever.

Happy snapping! Oooooh, and I’m just seeing your trip ticker and also want to wish you a WONDERFUL trip!!! Please take lots of pics for us - can’t wait to hear all about it when you return!!!


:slight_smile: Why are you on your second one, Bubbletoes? Did you wear it out? I thought cameras lasted forever, at least ours does. :-[ :-*

I’m pretty sure a camera would last you a long time at home shirleyujest, but then again, who really needs another picture of “rain” :D?
As far as travel pictures go, with the amount of traveling you do, you must have a photographer on retainer at all times… :smiley: ;).
Better not say that too loud, or the “Old Dawg” might ask for one for Christmas… ;D.

Jake, eh :-*

Yes yes I am very excited about this camera. I love that it is small and compact. The kodak camera I have now is pretty big, its nice, but I wanted something smaller, and something that I could take diving…

What model do you have lyndsey? I have to say I really have been researching Cannons for months!!

Only a few more days until I get to try it out on vacation. I will have plenty to show you, and of course plenty to talk about.

[glow=red,2,300][color=Red][glow=red,2,300][color=Green]Merry Christmas![/color][/glow][/color][/glow]


Deputy , I wish you better luck than me.
I had a canon for many years but the batteries wore out and were too expensive to replace.
I saw a Canon with the underwater case and it looked good.
The dials were all enlarged on the case so you can use all of the functions easily.
Here’s a tip.
The three jaccuzzis are only a " hola" away from the bar so life-sustaining food is only a smile away.

;D :smiley: Ha ha.

Well UPS has rescheduled the delivery of my package for Friday December 26th. I kept calling until I actually spoke to someone, which by the way took over an hour.

They said they were sorry for my inconvienence. I said I paid for over night air, and I expect my package to be in my hands at some point today.

UPS will be calling me within the hour to try to arrange a drop off.

:frowning: don’t mess with me >:(


I really do pitty that poor delivery guy when he shows up :’(, be gentle Deputy, he’s just doing his job :P.
Hav a great trip girl, and remember to think about the little people at least once while you’re away…we’ll be thinking about you…maybe not in a good way ;), but still thinking about you.

Merry Christmas to all,

Jake, eh

Hi SUJ, how the heck are you? Haven’t been around much lately - how was your trip to the Barcelo? Hope you had a nice week with the fam :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I loved my first Canon (very basic - I think it was an A80, but it had that cool flippy screen) so much, I upgraded to a ‘better’ one after about 4 years of constant (ab)use and a few rogue waves :o ::slight_smile: :-/ ;D

The one I have now is just enough for me…some upgraded features from the more basic models, but nothing too fancy that I can’t figure out how to work it. So it’s a Powershot S5IS. I liked it b/c it also had the flippy screen thingamawhicher (though much larger) and 12x optical zoom.

So two of these cameras later, still no complaints. I have a Pentax underwater that I use for snorkeling and ocean fun, but it takes a crappy ‘land’ picture compared to my Canons. I be diggin’ the Canons :slight_smile:

;D ;D I gotta say that I LOVE the flippy screen. I have to show everyone that looks at my pictures.