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Heard Memories caribe cayo coco has a disco? What is it like?


I was there when it was Blue Bay. Was average size, some tables and chairs, couches along the walls. Located right near the front of the resort, next to the gift shop.

As with most places, it was hit or miss on any nite. One night the dj didn’t show up, so I brought my mp3 player and travel speakers and hooked them up and the few of us there had a great time.

For some reason, seems like the disco’s at the resorts I have visited in Cuba don’t compare to the Dominican or Jamaica. Or maybe the resorts were bigger, which results in more people at the disco?

Only disco’s ever busy I have seen were in Varadero.


What I’m hearing far and wide (and I concur) is that many AI discos play mostly dated American stuff. The disco at Playa Pesquero in Holguin was awesome, mostly salsa yesssssssssss

Cuban Gangnam, anyone? ::slight_smile:


Cubans seem to love their music loud and louder. PSY would have to shout!