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Distance from Grand Oasis Bavaro to Security

Hi there:
Sorry I couldn’t put my entire thought on the subject line. Now that I have heard about the security guards and warning signs on the beach heading north past Natura Park, I would really like to know how long a walk it is from Grand Oasis Bavaro to this point. (how long in distance or time walking).

Also how long and far can you safely walk south from Grand Oasis Bavaro past Catalonia etc.?

Thanks in advance.

Ten minutes (tops). Every hotel has their own security on their beach. The whole joy of the Punta Cana area is the miles of undeveloped beach. Everyone has their own comfort level. You’re obviously uncomfortable leaving the ‘secure zone’ such as it is, so I expect your walking will be limited to the three hotels in that area (Natura Park, Sunscape and Grand Oasis). It’s a fair hike in either direction to the next hotel and that beach is pretty well pristine and not developed. Me, unless I see a good reason not to, I’m heading at least as far as the point.

Hi Bob: Thanks for the info. Actually I am not the walker, my husband is. He would DEFINITELY want to walk further than 10 minutes. What I am trying to find out and trusting comments from people who have been there (or live there) is how far he can safely walk? Bob, how far a walk is the “point”? People commented earlier about tourists making stupid decisions to go past the security and warning signs! So…can he, should he, disregard these? And how about in the other (southern) direction?

I didn’t say to disregard them. I’m just telling you what they mean. Hotel security only goes as far as their property line. After that you are responsible for yourself. Just like the warning labels on household products, they (the warnings) are scarier than they need to be.
It’s been a few years since we were at Natura Park, but I seem to recall that the point past Natura Park was about two miles and it was a very nice walk. And I think it’s about another two miles to the next hotel. I’ve walked to the point several times and never saw anyone but the occasional other walker. I never made it past the hotels going the other way. I seem to recall an obstacle that was somewhat difficult to get around. A marina or gas station and a fence or something like that …
Most stuff that ‘disappears’ outside the secure area (or inside it for that matter) are items left unwatched and unattended. However, as always, one has to exercise discretion and follow the normal safety precautions. No cash, no flashy jewelery etc. Maybe even find a like minded person and have a companion to talk to.
And like the last time we were there, I for one am looking forward to that walk.

we have walked to the point heading north ( my wife and two daughters) a number of times, probably a twenty minute walk …lots of other beach walkers and no concerns…once you walk into the next bay it gets a little remote…just avoid an empty beach if you are not comfortable

Thanks Bob.

You can also look forward to your tour operators briefing where he/she will make it appear like it’s unsafe to go out by yourself or take any tours unless you buy it from them. Read between the lines of that warning. It’s hardly an unbiased one. They want to sell you their stuff (usually overpriced) and get the commission. ::slight_smile: Unfortunately, unlike Puerto Plata, in Punta Cana it’s hard to find alternate places to buy tours.

When we were at the Allegro (now Dreams) in 2005, 1 couple in our group walked towards the point, and all they encountered along the way was a family of 5 or 6 and they were playing baseball on the flat above the beach, no problems, no worries… but like has been said use common sense…



Here’s a google map which includes many resort locations. You can use the scale to see how far it is from the Cat to Natura and from Natura to the ‘point’.

It is such a beautiful walk I doubt you’ll be able to rein you husband in.
I did it with my wife and 10month old strapped on.


Thanks everyone! And the google map is a great tool!