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Dive Equipment


My other half and I are planning on going to Honduras in March. As we plan to do a fair bit of diving we we would like to bring as much of our own to save on rental costs.
In the past we have brought masks, snorkels, fins and 2ml suits. We have always checked the bag as sporting equipment.
This time we want to take BC’s and regulators, too.
My questions is how to pack it all.
I’ve heard people take their reg’s as carry on. We can do that no problem. But to you check your BC and just hope it doesn’t get lost? And what about weights? Our BC’s have the built in ones. But I guess we could just leave them behind and rent a weight belt to wear underneath.
The other thought I had was to take our BC’s as carry on (assuming we can fit them in a carry on bag) along with reg’s. and check fins, masks etc.
Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Lisa

If you are flying charter out of Canada, West Jet goes direct to Roatan from Toronto on Saturdays arriving at noon and they allow an additional suitcase for sports equipment, of which, scuba equipment is authorized as an authorized sport…just no tanks accepted but everything else. Being a direct flight, chances are excellent that the checked baggage will arrive with you. We’ve just returned January 14th from a great week in Roatan. We stayed at the All Inclusive Fantasy Island Resort which has six big dive boats (19 passengers) that go out three times a day plus night dives. They show the diving trips on video each day at 6 pm. The snorkeling is fantastic from the shore here too. The only downside to Roatan are the sand fleas. I came home with over 80 bites on my arms and legs, that I got the first day there…brutal! I didn’t lay on the beach loungers after that first day.


We’re interested in Fantasy Island Resort. Is it good for non divers as well? I don’t dive but I enjoy snorkelling. How is the snorkelling off the beach? For that matter how is the beach, sandy, rocky and would I need to wear water shoes?

How was the food and the rooms at the resort. I’m not looking for anything 5 star but I don’t want bugs in either my food or my bed.



Hi Flopnfly,

I sent our trip review into Debbies last weekend so it should be posted soon. Quick answer to your questions. Excellent snorkeling for corals and many varieties of marine life right from the Gazebo built specifically for shore dives and snorklelers. This resort caters to divers so accommodations are basic and 3 star level but clean. We enjoyed the food. It was a small buffet but the freshness and variety was totally satisfactory. No a la cartes available. Lunch served at the beach bar. They hold a gala seafood dinner on Friday night to include lobster, crab legs, shrimp, conch, calamari and all the trimmings. Only bottled Imperial beer is included in the AI plan as well as local spirits. There is a charge for top shelf liquors or imported beer. Red and White wine provided for lunch and supper. The beach is light golden brown and very pretty with lots of trees for shade and palappas as well but the sand fleas have taken over. Stay on the grassy area or risk getting scads of bites (day and night)…common complaint of all non diving guests (divers go out three times a day so don’t spend any time lazing on the beach). I received 85 itchy bites to my arms and legs and got the majority of them the first day on the beach. Avoided it after that and stayed in the hammocks on the grass. Yes to wearing water/beach shoes as you enter the water at the shoreline…water is clear but there are chunks of coral scattered throughout the bottom. We spent our time snorkeling from the gazebo and avoided swimming at the beach because of the sand fleas. Local transportation passes by the resort every hour and costs from $1.00 to $5.00 to get to the other towns east and west of Fantasy Island. Very enjoyable.


Hi, regarding the sand fleas at Fantasy Island - because you might rather want to enjoy the beach while sitting under one of the palapas and you don’t want to get eaten by fleas - please read my post “confessions of a non-diver”.
Best tips I can give you (from our two weeks there last February), is simply buy the Cactus Juice from the gift shop - it’s spf 20 and repellant in one, smells nice and WORKS! Before you leave your room in the morning, be sure to put it on all over.
Then pick a windy spot on the beach - we found the beach opposite to where the gazebo is, but facing towards the resort was good as we got the breeze coming across the little spit, and it worked to keep the fleas in check.
Out of the two weeks there, and which was mostly spent on the beach in the mornings while my husband & the couple we were travelling with were off diving - I got maybe 1/2 dozen bites…that’s it, a couple of bites around the ankles, and on the back. I brought down Skin So Soft shower gel, washed with it, and in the evenings used their moisterizer, and a bit of AfterBite to take the little bit of itch away.
You simply have to travel prepared to face off the sand fleas.
Have a great time.

P.S. my husband used to take his reg on as carry on, but when we went to Curacao a few weeks ago, he put all his dive gear in the one bag with no extra weight charges, and it was fine.


My wife and I went to Fantasy Island last year for two weeks. The sand flies seem to be hit and miss as we are not divers so were on the beach most of the time and my wife got lots of bites and I rarely got any. We used the Cactus Juice also and it worked well. Snorkeling amazing both at the dive gazebo and even off the main beach. Look for the local “rabbits” who are all over the beach. I took to feeding them and had one who came around every morning. Had a piece of one ear missing, I called him Jack. Say hello and give him a piece of bun if you see him. If you email the hotel address it to Tina Webster and she will take care of you. We brought her some things down for her and her son and she took great care of us. Say hello for Tina and Tim and ask how the new baby is. She was pregnant when we were there March 2005. Food was amazing for small resort. Rent a car - watch out for pot holes- and see the island its beautiful. Enjoy.