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Diving at Breezes Jibacoa

Does anyone know if we will be able to pay for diving at Breezes Jibacoa with our VISA card or should we bring the extra cash?

The dive shop is not set up for VISA, but I know you can use it for anything like excursions at the front desk. Personally, I would count on using cash. When are you going? Try emailing guest relations and they will definitely let you know.

The dive shop does not handle cash or visa. They give you a receipt, you go up to the reception, pay cash for the dive, they then give you another receipt that you give to the dive shop. You probably know that if you are certified the first dive is free, and then all dives are $25 CUC each. The first dive is a deeper dive, 10-15 minute boat ride away, deepest we’ve gone is about 80 feet, and you head out around 9 (Cuban time). The second one is a shallow dive, around 11, and is only a 2-3 minute boat ride. We’ve dove here 6 times, like the diving, was just there in Nov. Any other questions just ask.

Thanks for your help - we emailed guest relations at the hotel and they were very prompt in their reply. No problem using VISA to pay for diving at reception, they issue the receipt to be taken to the dive shop just as you have said. I just want to minimize the amount of cash we are carrying around.

Just remember that you will pay the exchange rate (naturally) PLUS 11% for using your credit card. If you dive a number of dives, that can add up quickly.

The 11% isn’t really a surcharge, it just represents the fact that
they can’t put a Cuban peso charge on a credit card (since there is no peso outside of Cuba), so they have to convert to US first. That’s why a 50 peso excursion shows up as a $55.50 US charge on your bill.

For example:
50 CUC will be charged as $55.50 US Dollars & $55.50 US Dollars = $68.41 Canadian Dollars

50 CUC = $66.56 Canadian

As you get the best exchange rate for that day from VISA the small amount of difference is worth it to me.