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Do most resorts charge for 3 year old?


;)Hi. We went to Punta last year but our little girl wasnt 2 yet so we didnt have to pay anything for her.I am hoping we can just pay airfare and not pay for her at the resort.Do any of them let the children stay and eat free? Thanks for your help.


the tour operator will charge you the child rate which includes airfare etc.


Most resorts allow the first child under 6 to stay and eat for free.


Depends on the Tour OP and resort, I am going with a 3 year old and a 10 month old. Different prices from different companies.

Signature 3 year old, flight cost (438) + tax (246) 10 month old tourist card $17

Sunquest 3 year old flight + room rate 50% + tax ($1106) 10 month old tourist card + tax ($17+246)

Transat 3 year old flight + room rate 50% + tax $1106) 10 month old tourist card $17

Same resort different companies, guess who I am travelling with, there is no rhyme or reason.

Check them all out first, then book.


isn;t it crazy what they charge for little kids…i know they take up room on the plane but at those prices!!


That is why I decided on Signature Vacations, he (3yr old) takes up a plane seat so I will pay.

The other price breakdowns were ridiculous and I told the T/A so, but that is as far as it goes the T/A can only read what his server tells him.