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Do you book your seats on the plane in advance

I just thought this might be an interesting topic for all. :sunglasses:

yes i fly club class

Yes, so we dont have to get to the airport as early in the morning and it doesnt matter where we are in the big lines at the airport in Cuba on the return. Cheap price for less stress.

I voted no, but between my wife and I we’ve been to Cuba 6 times (number 7 is on the horizon), and we did on 2 of those occasions.
Not sure if club class is available on Sunwing (to the Marea), but if it is, I will look into it.

I did once but it didnt work out and ended up being a hassle... I dont think I would bother to do it again unless I was travelling with my family or in a larger group.

Whenever that option is available, I take it :sunglasses:

No, it wasn’t presented as an option when we booked.

If the option is available, I use it, absolutely!

I have never pre booked seats but when I traveled with the kids the seats were pre booked by YTT for me at no extra charge.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…

When possible, I book Club Class on the way there because I always have a lot of ‘stuff’ to bring, and Club Class is cheaper than paying overweight baggage. :slight_smile:

For the return trip (or when Club Class isn’t offered), I book a seat close to the front … I am a bit claustrophobic and would have a real hard time having so many people in front of me during the flight. :frowning:

What airline is Club Class? Last year we pre-booked with Sunwing and this year with Skyservice. We need/want three seats together so no all rows have three I’m told and this way we are assured three together. Also, the idea of not having to get to the airport super early is also enticing! For less than $100; we can have the peace of mind and compared to the cost of the overall trip, it’s worth it to me. When we booked the trips (both times with Trip Central) they didn’t offer the pre-booking option, we had to find out about it ourselves and contact the airlines directly, last year by phone and this year on the net.


Only when I fly Club Class, since it is included. Because I travel solo I am usually able to get a “good” seat, but the couple of times I travelled with friends we had no problem getting seating together by showing up at the airport in reasonable time (3 hours ahead of flight time). I can’t imagine why any airline would deliberately separate people travelling together…this problem probably arises because other people pre book their seats! ;D

Air Transat is Club Class

I think that pre-booking seats is a scam by airlines to get extra revenue. Before prebooking was available I can’t remember seeing people separated. Occassionally the stewardesses would have to ask singles if they’d mind moving so that couples could sit together. For them it was a chance to move from a middle seat to an aisle or window.
For charters we like to arrive early at the airport (3 hrs) to avoid the long lineups and we’ve always got seats together. For long domestic flights during peak travel times we’ll pre-book seats.

[quote=@cubavisitor]I think that pre-booking seats is a scam by airlines to get extra revenue. [/quote]Bingo!

Yes it is, but it’s the only to make sure ( as best you can ) to get the seats you want.

I only want to sit by the window, and for the extra cost it’s worth it to me, maybe not for you.

just like buying a beer for 5 bucks, if there is something I really want people will charge me for it.

That’s life :wink:

[quote=@rfint]I only want to sit by the window, and for the extra cost it’s worth it to me, maybe not for you.
[/quote]I prefer the window too…and that’s where I sit, for free. :smiley: Gotta love those couples who sit together and one “needs” to be on the aisle…in my experience, window seats are easy to come by…and nobody is climbing over you to get to the washroom, either.

We reserved our return flight seats with AirTransat. 15$/person, one way. (30$ if to and from)

seems to me AT wanted more than 30 bucks to and from, and what exactly do you get for the 60 bucks…ripped off I’d say.

As I have 100% control on the time that I arrive at the Airport in Toronto I never pre-book outgoing flights. On return flights I have no control over when my bus will arrive at the Airport so we always pre-book. I agree that this may take the “fun” of the “bus/airport run” but it is much more relaxing…