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Do you pack same as first time you went to Dominican R

Most of you traveled many times to Dominican Republic and other destinations. So my question is do you pack same now your travel bags as the first time when you went on your vacation. First time I went I was birning many things but now I do not bring so many things but I bring basic what I need. Before I would pack many shirts for example and most of those shirts I would not wear at all but because of humidity I would need to wash them once I am back home. What about you?

Heck no! I’ve got my trip packing down to a science now. Between learning what is actually needed and working within the stricter airline baggage limits, you have to change your packing style.

I’ve even learned what to wear when travelling. My first trip south was in jeans, that’s never happened again! :slight_smile:

Eeeeeesh, I’m getting better after all these trips. It’s harder for two weeks and even harder when you don’t know how many times you’re going off resort as I prefer to blend in rather than stand out with “tourist” clothes LOL

My packing has gotten better after 14 trips, but I still pack too much. And like Debbie from Winnipeg, packing for 2 weeks is different. I take clothes that I am able to “mix & match”, my footwear is down to 3 pair (the heaviest on my feet during travelling & 2 lighter pairs in the suitcase, my reading material is now on a Kobo… therefore cutting down on the luggage weight

Well, I’ve got the DR down pat now, along with a check list. We pretty well always go for two weeks, and yes it is different than packing for one week. And, no, the list is not the same as when I started going to the DR. It has evolved considerably. Now, where I had trouble was this year. We jammed in a 10 day Caribbean cruise, and you want to bet that packing list was different. All kinds of stuff you would never ever take to the DR …

Hey guys suggest me about this issue actually i am not a regular traveler so i am not so expert in packing only done one travel in Cuba but find there some problem with packing so tell me some idea that can able to help me when i will be DR actually i am willing to go there so your suggestion can be helpful for me. :slight_smile: If you guys wants to share any idea about packing specially for DR then kindly help me …

LOL - still took too much and we were there for 10 weeks! We had a wedding, Beyond the Beach Meet & Greet, a Quincenarious, a 50th b’day as well as other things… didn’t need all I took! 3 tankinis with bottoms that I could mix & match were plenty for swimwear; 4 pair of shorts with tops that also mixed and matched were enough.

Found that there were a few pieces I didn’t use and 2 I wish I had taken… We did have access to a washing machine BUT, it was not like my machine at home - manager said “go to the beach, I’ll do it for you” so, off to the beach we went… You can be sure she received a large tip before we left!

When we used to do 2 weeks at an AI, I did not take much as they have laundry service for very little cost. If I gave it to the maid in the morning, it was returned to our room about 4pm that day even though I always chose the “next day” service as it was cheaper and, I knew I had the time.

What we take is much less than our first time, but STILL too much. I remember reading in one of the threads here one time…pack your suitcase, and now take 1/2 of that…never forgot it. I haven’t been able to take 1/2 out yet, but I do start talking to myself and asking do I really need this, and this, and this…

Same here I was asking myself do I need this or that etc but I changed :slight_smile:
When I am leaving my home I always check if my passport, credit card and my swimming gear is with me if I forget something I am sure I can live without it or buy it over there.

Hi there,

We’re heading to DR for the first time in January. I’m sure we’d like to explore some outside of the resort. What do you wear to “blend in” with the locals? I’ve seen several packing lists, but it all looks like resort wear.