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Documents to Marry at the Bahia- Punta Cana


Hi All,

I am getting married at the Bahia Principe in Punta Cana and am currently working with DRSI to get document translations and legalizations completed. Does anyone know if I am required to legalize our birth certificates at this particular resort? I emailed the Bahia but have not received a response yet. Thanks very much!

As well, for Canadians are there any other companies that complete document translations and legalization at less expense? Just curious…





I got all my translations done at the DR consulate. Better price and faster. I think that you do need to have it legalized, sorry I can’t remember I had my papers done a year ago. But what ever the requirements are that’s what you need. It dose not make a different at what resort you are getting married at. Anyways enjoy your wedding, I got married at the bahia as well and it was a dream come true. A fairy tale wedding. Good luck.


That is true. We are getting married in PC at Bahia this february - and it’s not the resort, it’s the Dominican Consulate that requires your birth certificate - otherwise, how are they going to authenticate you?

Anyways, yes, you need it both translated and legalized.



Hi there,

I am getting married at the same resort and I just received the documents required from Mariana. She emailed this to me on 14 January 2007.

    1) Valid passport  of the couple NOT translated into Spanish; 
    2) Valid passport of your witnesses NOT translated into Spanish; 
    3)  Birth certificate: Original & translated into Spanish but not  legalized at the  Dominican consulate 
    4) Affidavit confirming martial status translated into Spanish and legalized at the Dominican consulate 



you better confirm about the passports not being translated into spanish. the only thing that doesn’t need to be translated is the witnesses passport / drivers liscence.



Thanks Michelle,

I will translate both my FH and my passport just in case. I wouldn’t want to get there and have an issue.



iam getting them done at www.wedo.com.do

i was asking them (and my wedding planner) and they just use the passport to that info on the marriage cert. they don’t translate it. They do stamp it. wedo charges $290.00 for never been married. plus $28 for fed ex back to you