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Hello. We are from Ontario. We are getting married in Punta Cana at Bahia Principe in June. I understand we need to translate our documents into Spanish. Does anyone know the cost and how long it takes? Is there a recommended place for translation?

Thank you,


go to www.wedo.com.do. they are the consulate out of texas and they are alot cheaper then toronto. they are a ripoff. its legall to do this and they are quick and cheap. they will charge $290.00 USD if never been married but in Toronto it will cost close to $600.00 USD to get the same service. Email Isabella (the info is on website) and she will tell you what you need.

Passport (need to get married, but your guest dont need one)
single affidavite
and any other docs if been married before



I am leaving on Friday for our wedding next week.
If you booked your trip through a travel agent, ask them about the documents. My travel agent sent it in for us. We had to go to our lawyer and things legalized. I was married before. It cost us $500US to get this done. It is cheaper to get it done in UZ funds then Canadian funds.
Our travel agent sent the forms for us and they sent them back to her.

PM me if you want info. I live in Ontario too.


I’ve emailed the people at wedo twice and left a message at their office and no one has contacted me yet. I almost have the documents ready - if I don’t hear from them by Friday, I guess I’ll be forced to send them to the consulate - I was disappointed because they come so highly recommended by folks on this site as well as my wedding coordinator. I have a notarized single status affidavit (and copy) and two copies of each of our passports and birth certificates. I am guessing this is what I need.


there must be something wrong with the address you had because i emailed isabelle saturday thinking i wont hear anything till monday she emailed me back right away. all my docs are from ontario too and iam getting them done at wedo. Toronto will will rip you off big time. that is most likely were your travel agent sent them because thats were my ontario travel agent was going to send them. but i said no. if you haven’t been maried before it will cost you $290.00 USD to get done at WeDO. Isabel Gonzalez mail Address: isagon@wedo.com.do. just keep calling because i don’t usually leave a message when i called isabel or my resort, i just would call back and i would get to talk to a human eventully. lol.



That’s the same email address I’ve been emailing - I will keep trying, I hope it works out, I don’t want to have to pay an arm and a leg for this! Did you send a money order for $290 US - that is the only question I really have for her. And do I have the right documents? They’re in my previous post. Thanks!


send 290.00 US money order and also send an extra $30.00 US so she can send the docs back to you by a courier. this is her mail to me:

The only original you need to send us is the single status affidavit,
notarized (original and 1 photocopy). Two photocopies of the birth
certificates and 1 photocopy of the passports, picture/information page
only, and, if previously married, 2 photocopies of divorce decree. You do
need to take originals and translations with you, when you travel to the
Dominican Republic for the wedding.

Charges are the same, US$145.00 per person for the translation and
Consular legalization of Birth Certificate and the notarized Single
Status Affidavit. There is an additional charge of US$110.00 each, if
previously married, for the translation and issuance of the Divorce or
Death Certificate. Any additional document needing
translation/legalization, like Certificate of Adoption, Parental
Authorization and-or Authorization to Travel (minors), etc., is charged at
US$75.00 each. Fees are payable by Money Order. Documents will be ready
and mailed back in less than seven working days. Kindly include a self
stamped/addressed envelope. Should you use a courrier (we recommend FEDEX
or DHL), which we strongly suggest, please include a prepaid airwaybill
for us to return the documentation. If a prepaid courrier can not be
obtained, add US$28.00 to your total and documents will be sent back to
you by Federal Express or similar.

Have a wondeful Holiday Season and a very happy healthy 2007!


P.S. put your parents names on the photocopy of you Birth cert


My documents should have arrived at WEDO by now - but i haven’t heard from isabel yet about it getting sent back soon yet, so i’m just assuming they’re working on it. So, i wouldn’t worry about it. I am going to email her again tomorrow though.

good luck


Thank you for the information on the cost with WEDO. I have 5 months until the wedding. So I’m not quite ready to for the documitation part of it yet. But that answers my questions.


Our travel agent is fluent ins Spanish so we didn’t pay to have the docs translated, but the DR embassy in Ottawa only charged up $200 to notarized the docs and they were ready the next day.


ottawacouple. thats good price, but you had your ta translate them so you didn’t get charged for that part. Ottawa is cheaper then Toronto. but just to let people out there know you can’t get just anybody who knows spanish to translate the docs they have to be know by the dr consular or embassy. they have to be a professional.



Just wanted to let everyone know that Isabel DID get back to me, and I got my documents sent out today. I got an email from my WC highly recommending WEDO for documents. Luckily I knew a lawyer who notarized my affidavit, so I only had to pay the $290, plus the $28 for return. I’m so happy there is a company out there to help along with the process!


the notary in our town charges nothing for the legalization of single affidavit, so we are lucky to



I contacted the Domincan Consulte in Chicago. I sent to them via UPS all the docs needed and a money order for $300USD - and got it back in 4 days!!! We were both married before, so we both had to send divorce decrees. After doing that, I had received an email from the hotel (Breezes in Puerto Plata) indicating they would do it for $250 USD.