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Does anybody know? (re; stay-n-play resort)

I went away last year to Cuba and met a nice couple whom told me about a certain resort in Punta Cana that was like 6 or 8 resorts in 1? (I cant for the life of me remember the resort chain?)

Apparently it was the stay-n-play type deal where you stay at one and play at them all but it was a hugemongous complex with several resorts in one.

It wasn’t the Riu chain either (hmmm?). It may well have been Puerta Plata and not Punta Cana (I’d had many-o-cerveza by that point haha)

Hope you can jog my memory…thx

In Punta Cana the Barcelo Bavaro complex has 5 hotels. Grand Palladium complex has 4 hotels. Riu complex has 5. These are among the largest resort complexes in Punta Cana.

thx muchly…i’ll definitely look into those!

i would assume you are talking about the huge Playa Dorada complex in Puerto Plata,
the only huge complex of such size i know about on the island.
should be somewhere about 16-20 hotels in that complex, but i never heard about that you can use all of them when staying as a guest at one of them.
i’ve been there as a guest 14 years ago, so for the details somebody else may jump in, better, ask on the North Coast Forum section here on Debbies.
have fun

Playa Dorada is definitely NOT a stay at one play at many place. When you walk the beach you had best have a ‘traveler’ with you because you’ll not get a beer, food or pop at any of the other hotels beach clubs.


Just for your info…

By my count there are 13 AI resorts in Playa Dorada and 1 non-AI resort; 1 Shopping Plaza and 1 Golf Course. The closest to play at more than one which exists is that returning guests have some privileges between Gran Ventana and Victoria Resort which are both owned by the same family.


thanks Greg,
like i mentioned, my count been 14 years ago and i jjust remembered it is huge with a large number of hotels.
and yes, we could not use the bars aso at the other resorts.
i remember a cash bar at one of tghem, but don’t know which one by name, where you could get a drink for a very high prize if you did not wear the right wristband.
here in PC the biggest resort which has that all play stuff is the barcelo Beach Resort with 4 4 star hotels accessible for each customer of each of them and the 5 star palace who’s customers can use all 5 hotels in that resort.
and with it’s 8 1/2 squarekilometers property and nearby 3km bay it is huge.
maybe that been ment.
happy travel