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Does anyone understand this Process


To All
The wedding coordinator at PPR told me not to worry about confirming a judge before I start booking my 25+ guests, and that even if I don’t get the judge for the time and day I want that I can have a big wedding ceramony and when the judge is available I can just sign documents with her/him to make it legal.

I don’t really understand this process, does the wedding coordinator marry you? and the next day you just sit down with the judge and sign something? or do you have to "get married again in front of the judge? and have people watch??

Like may of you out there I only want to get married once!! meaning I want to do just one ceramony and have it be legal.

It is really too bad that the DR doesn’t let you confirm everything early!!



you get married with the wedding planner then later that night she will come get you and you just sign the papers in front of the judge. there is only one Judge per area. she does ALL the weddings. so you can imaging how many weddings there are in one day. she only goes to each resort at certian times of the day. so some of the resorts offer this option. I put my April 2007 request last June and the judge comfirmed it in July/ august 2006. they don’t book 2008 till about late spring / early summer. don’t worry you won’t get married twice and its very easy and simple. and legal.



Wow…I don’t think I’d want to do that…doesn’t sound like a for sure thing. What if the judge gets tied up completely and never is able to show.



I agree with you it is not what I want to do at all! They didn’t say anything to me about the judge never coming?? or that possibility- I will have to ask the coordinator.
My problem like all of us is that I am worried about waiting till "june"07 or beyond to book for April 08.

  1. I am afraid the best rooms and flights wont be available
  2. My fiancee and I are both US Officers and we have to make our vacation picks more then 1 yr in advance, .
  3. and of course that I won’t get a legal wedding
    The whole judge thing makes me question even going to the DR but from the pics the beaches are the best.


i booked my wedding trip before the judge, no problem because i did it early i got a spot. plus i was able to tell the wedding planner the dates and times i liked and she pencilled them in and then she sent them to the judge. this is how its down all the time and in other caribean countries as well, they have been doing this for years and they know what they are doing. they aren’t going to screw something up when it could lose them million of dollars in the future.



JL & gettingmarried,

You both make very strong arguments…and JL, because I am in the same boat as you (wanting early 2008) I do fear the unknown. But we do have to remember that weddings are happening all the time in Punta Cana and even though Palma Real is pretty much the newest one running doesn’t mean that they will “leave us hanging”. I just got another email from Kelly (“Romance Manager”) she now told me that she will put me down for the day I want as a symbolic service only and then to let her know when I confirm my room so that I can guarantee the date. It just sounds like they are afraid to book the judge if I am not a serious “customer”. So, perhaps they are as leery as we are. ;o)

JL - continue to do your research…wait until April/May and if you are then ready to book your
room then request that the judge confirm the date. We might end up booking our rooms first.

gettingmarriedindr - do you know what the protocol is if you book your room and then need to cancel for any reason? Do you just lose a deposit or is it more than that?


i booked in canada and each province/state has there own laws. as well has travel agencies regulations. At my TA we had to put a $50.00 deposit down by June 30th 2006 and the rest had to be paid by Jan 24th 2007 (in cash) and Feb 1st if by credit card. if some one changed there mind they lost the deposit. Usually depost is between $150-250 but we had a deal from airtransat. I booked through a travel agent because its easier and because we had a group we got a group rate. when you are talking to the WP at the resort give her your tour operatos name (Delta, ect…) and reservation # to prove you have booked. the tour operators don’t send the real list of people coming till its all paid. the resort knows you will be coming but not your names.



oh wanted to tell you Dominican people are very laid back and relaxed, they sometimes take along time to reply and they are busy. and because you are not a costomer yet, you will be the last one to get a reply. the deal with the paying costomers first.



Thanks Michelle…very insightful! My travel agent said the same. She would need 50 deposit for the rooms as well. The wc at the resort emailed me to say not to worry and that my date is being held and when I book the room, I can then confirm with the judge by April. I am more relaxed and much more excited now!!! woo hoo!!! ;o)